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28 January 2019 8 min read

Data Analytics in Asset Management for the Mining Industry

Amanda Gower

Amanda Gower
Director | Metals and mining | London

Silas O'Dea

Silas O'Dea
Partner | Oil & gas, metals and mining | London

Embrace data, analytics, and predictive technology to improve asset health, particularly on critical equipment


Digital technologies will never replace the need to improve Asset Management processes, data integrity, corrective action discipline, and company-wide capability. Rather we see data-driven Asset Management as building on these capabilities, leveraging data and analytics to improve equipment performance and health, and eventually business productivity.

Like much of the Metals & Mining industry, advancements in digital technologies have created real opportunities for the care and maintenance of heavy assets. Businesses can now expect greater steps to be made towards operational excellence in Asset Management given the increase in accessibility of new tools and approaches.

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