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Our unique mix of sector experience, data analytics, carbon accounting and trading expertise enables us to take our clients’ emissions strategies to a new level of accuracy and effectiveness, opening up a low carbon world of opportunity.

Revolutionary emissions measurement and reporting

A credible and successful transition strategy is built on a foundation of timely, accurate, granular and comprehensive emissions data. Yet often our clients are reliant on top-down estimates, rules-of-thumb, incomplete information and unresponsive metrics. This poses a real challenge to their ability to guide their decarbonisation strategy and deliver on their emissions reduction targets.

We take a more rigorous, bottom-up approach, bringing together sector experience, data analytics and carbon accounting expertise to:

  • Develop emissions calculation methodologies that are tailored to our clients’ businesses, their specific emissions challenges and reflecting their position and activities in the value chain
  • Identify the data inputs and outputs required to provide the insights needed to drive the right behaviours that address the risks, and capture the opportunities, of the energy transition
  • Create the data solutions needed to deliver the frequency, accuracy and granularity to proactively manage emissions in day-to-day decision making
  • Calculate Product Carbon Footprints as an integral part of emissions reporting

Integrated emissions management

Almost every operational and commercial decision that our clients make has an impact on their carbon footprint. We help them to continuously optimise their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions as an integral part of running their business by:

  • Utilising ever-improving emissions data, and implementing frameworks to actively manage emissions as part of their day-to-day operational decision making
  • Adapting their operating models and digitalising their processes to enable more effective emissions management
  • Identifying and selecting emissions measurement and reduction technologies to achieve the greatest impact at the lowest cost

Carbon markets and opportunity creation

It’s going to be bigger than oil! Carbon markets are projected to become the biggest in the world in the near future. But what should organisations do not just now, but in three years, five years, ten years’ time and beyond? How do they maximise the opportunity that’s in front of them?

We help our clients to understand the relevance of this market to their current operations, and to make clear the opportunities and risks, associated with their participation in the carbon markets.

We can help organisations to leverage their position in the carbon markets:

  • Creating an accurate view of trading flows (supply and demand pools) and growth in both compliance and voluntary markets for the areas specific to client’s areas of expertise
  • Embedding carbon trading into trading portfolios enabling comprehensive exposure and risk management associated to carbon
  • Developing market insights on carbon pricing and understanding how to embed internal carbon pricing into the organisation

Credible transition planning and net zero strategy

Organisations worldwide are announcing Net Zero commitments and transition plans. But what does that really mean in practice? Baringa has deep expertise in decarbonising Oil & Gas operations, investing in renewables, and transforming business and operating models. We can help you to translate your Net Zero commitments into credible abatement and transition plans by:

  • Developing as-is emissions forecasting at asset level highlighting hotspots for reduction activities. Plotting meaningful, actionable, and achievable short-term reductions
  • Identifying and quantifying strategic step-outs leveraging existing core competencies to abate remaining emissions for long-term decarbonisation
  • Creating accurate, transparent and realistic transition plans aligned to both sectoral decarbonisation pathways, business strategy and globally recognised frameworks (e.g. TCFD, SBTI, etc)
  • Communicating proposed transition plans to investors and lenders, ensuring access to affordable capital for current business and future investments

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