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Winner of the Climate Risk Innovation of the Year Award at the Energy Risk Awards 2020

Energy Risk Awards 2020

Financial services

Changing customer demand, disruptive technologies, geo-political uncertainty and continuing pressure on RoE – just some of the trends that our financial services clients need to adapt to whilst remaining efficient, relevant, and resilient.

We work with our clients to help them make the most of the opportunities that today’s environment provide them with, supporting the development of strategies and solutions that work now and for years to come.

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Oliver Schlicht

Oliver Schlicht

Partner | Financial services | Düsseldorf

"The financial services industry has undergone a significant transformation. In the coming years we will see new business models, consolidation of established players, and technology usage beyond the imaginable. With our mix of consulting expertise and industry knowledge Baringa are perfectly positioned to help our clients manoeuvre these turbulent times."

Colin Preston

Colin Preston

Partner | Financial services | London

"We partner with our clients on many of the their most exciting initiatives – from designing new propositions and services, to innovation leveraging emerging technologies, to creating new business models and cultural change. We love to help to define the strategy and shape the initiative, right through to supporting implementation and realising the customer and business value."

Bella Depreli

Bella Depreli

Manager | Financial services | London

"Regulation, cost pressures and FinTech disruptors continue to shape the financial services landscape. Remaining competitive amongst these pressures is at the forefront of our clients’ agendas. Nevertheless, it is exciting to see a shift towards embracing innovation and investing in a more sustainable future."

Daniel Plimmer

Daniel Plimmer

Senior Manager | Financial services | London

"Using technology to reduce the burden of regulatory compliance is going to be key for firms to keep on top of all the changes we have seen over the last 10 years."