Trusted data

By consulting on your organisation’s data strategy and data governance, we’ll help transform how you use data so it’s reliable and trustworthy.

Trusted data

The business world has generated more data in the last 10 years than it did in the previous 100. To properly unlock the value of data in your organisation, it’s important to set a sound data strategy. We look at the full scale of how you use data, so we can transform how you use it and make it more useful, reliable and trustworthy.

Data strategy

A good data strategy is ambitious and high-impact, but also practical. We’ll work with you to create the right one for your business objectives.

We will:

  • take you through a data strategy assessment
  • look at how data creates value in your business, including how you handle metadata, data quality (DQ), master data (MDM), reference data, tooling, and retention and deletion
  • engage with stakeholders to double-check priorities, understand how they use data, and get them on-side
  • define your data strategy, success measures and roadmap
  • create a data-literate culture in your organisation.

Data governance

We design, set up and run data governance capabilities to solve business problems, reduce risks and deliver tangible value.

To do that, we:

  • assess your needs, then design an organisation and operating model
  • develop policies and processes
  • establish ownership and data forums to bring your data under control
  • build data monitoring
  • remediate your data so it’s secure, good quality and useful.

Data architecture capability

We establish the people, processes, skills and tools to effectively manage and leverage data in your organisation.

To do that, we:

  • clarify the outcomes you’re looking for and the capabilities you’ll need to get there
  • define operating models and processes
  • create the tools you’ll need to succeed, including data models, data platform architectures and design patterns
  • establish and run design authorities and other structures to govern the architecture.

Data platforms

We set up data platforms that get results - whether that’s designing and building them from scratch, or re-architecting, simplifying and automating what you’re already working with.

To do that, we:

  • design and build data warehouses, lakes and pipelines—what we call data engineering
  • choose the right technology for the solution (we’re vendor-independent)
  • set up or supplement your dev ops, data ops and machine learning (ML) ops teams
  • deliver cloud, on-prem and hybrid solutions, including AWS, GCP, Azure and others.

Insight everywhere

We’ll help you turn data into meaningful insight, unlocking valuable information you can use to plan for future success.

Insight everywhere

The best data in the world could be meaningless without the skills and capability to turn it into insight. We help your organisation bridge that gap, putting the power of data in your hands to unlock valuable information you can use to plan for future success.

Insight capability

We set you up to work more sustainably, so you’re not over-reliant on outside help. We’ll create your insight strategy, then get to work building your in-house capabilities.

To do that, we:

  • define strategies and operating models
  • assess how mature your insight capabilities are
  • develop and run training curriculums
  • build business buy-in.

Insight delivery

We can spring into action for rapid diagnostic projects, or help you with ongoing insights and build tools to guide how you make decisions.

To do that, we:

  • build dashboards and reporting tools
  • run projects to identify quick insights
  • disseminate and communicate insights to drive business change
  • design tailored visualisations.

Insight-led transformation

We embed insights into business transformation programs, so our clients can properly evaluate and track the success of their work along the way.

To do that, we:

  • define the insights needed to drive transformation
  • build tools to identify and track insights for the programs
  • disseminate and communicate insights to drive business change.

Insight infrastructure

Often, our clients ask for insights on an industrial scale. We help them set up the infrastructure they need to find the right answers, whenever they want, across the organisation.

To do that, we:

  • design the infrastructure for insights at scale
  • build data pipelines
  • deploy reporting and visualisation tools.

Embedded AI

Artificial Intelligence technology makes a cutting-edge difference to your data analytics. We’ll help you make the shift to AI-generated insights.

Embedded AI

Artificial Intelligence technology can be a cutting-edge source of value and impact. But getting the models up and running, and introducing AI-generated insights to your processes, calls for specialist knowledge. We’ll help you make the shift.

AI strategy

We find how and where AI fits in with and supports your strategic objectives as a business.

To do that, we:

  • do an AI Strategy assessment
  • talk to stakeholders to find out their priorities and issues, and get their support
  • define your unique AI strategy and vision
  • choose how we’ll measure success and write your roadmap
  • assess your AI culture and improve literacy.

AI operating model

The strategy is nothing without the right capabilities and team. We’ll work with you to establish the skills, processes and technology that will get you where you want to be.

To do that, we:

  • assess your business’ AI needs
  • design the operating model, policies and processes you need to embed AI as BAU
  • define how AI model ownership, monitoring and management will work
  • make sure the model complies with other internal policies and external
  • drive remediation to realise the benefits.

AI solutions

Once the operating model is designed, we’ll get building and deploying the AI technology. We’ll even run the solutions for you, if you want.

To do that, we:

  • consider a range of innovative ML and AI models that solve complex business problems and drive insights
  • build and deploy the solutions that will deliver against your strategy
  • set your organisation up to monitor and maintain the live models.

Realising the value in AI

So you can put an accurate number on the value you’re creating through AI, you’ll likely need to make some operational and organisational changes.

To do that, we:

  • make sure the right architecture is in place to run the models in your environment
  • tweak operational processes to involve AI insights in decision-making
  • track and review the operational impact and quantify the value that AI is adding to the business.

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