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Data, analytics and AI

Data, Analytics and AI

Within Baringa’s Data, Analytics & AI practice we deliver three outcomes for our clients: We help our clients organise and control data. We turn data into insight. We help embed AI into our clients’ businesses. 

In doing this we provide advice, help our clients establish new capability, build and deliver AI-powered solutions into production.

Enabling these outcomes is an experienced team with skills in Data Strategy development, Data Science & Engineering, Visualisation and User Interface design, Data Management and Data Architecture and software development.

Meet members of the team

David Blackwell

David Blackwell

Partner, Data, Analytics, AI

"Businesses built in the digital age have placed data and AI at the heart of everything they do. Everyone else needs to transform to keep up."


Michael Lee

Michael Lee

Partner, Expert in data, analytics and AI

"The vast quantities of data that organisations are amassing is ever increasing, and the ability to harness this data through cognitive automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence drives competitive advantage."

Focus on your sector

Trusted Data™ – helping clients organise and control data

Our Trusted Data™ offering enables our clients to organise and control their data. Leveraging our data architecture and data management capabilities, along with our proprietary Trusted Data™ framework, we help clients understand their maturity, build capability and skills, embed the processes and implement the technology platforms and tools required to organise, control, and govern their data.

Insight Everywhere™ - turning data into insight

Our Insight Everywhere™ offering enables our clients to translate their data into actionable insight. Leveraging our data engineering, data science, user interface design and visualisation capabilities along with our Insight Everywhere™ frameworks, we help clients build the capability to be truly data-driven. We help set up analytics centres of excellence, build data science teams, run analytics and data science projects to address business issues, and build visualisations that make it easy to extrapolate insight and take action.

Embedded AI™ - embedding AI into your business

Our Embedded AI™ offering enables clients to fully embed machine learning and artificial intelligence applications into their business. Using our Embedded AI™ framework, we address the challenge that many businesses face when taking data science output and deploying this into production. Our framework creates the capability to significantly compress production timelines and gives business users the ability to test and rapidly deploy machine learning models that underpin applications.

Embedded AI solutions™

Many clients are seeking a business outcome that requires an AI solution – but face the challenge of building technology, hiring and retaining specialist staff and managing a complex data estate. To address this challenge, we offer hosted machine learning-powered solutions that allow us to rapidly deliver insights or outcomes for clients “as a service”. To enable this, we have built a hosted environment (Baringa Pharos™) that supports rapid model deployment, and can be integrated with client applications.

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