Our approach to business transformation

Our approach to business transformation

At Baringa, we believe that with a different business transformation approach, it’s possible to deliver change that has a lasting impact. It comes down to a focus on four key pillars:

  • Purposeful outcomes – Before launching the business transformation strategy, establish target outcomes that link to a clear purpose and vision. Make sure these are bought into enterprise-wide.
  • People – People are the biggest enablers of any programme, whether they’re business transformation consultants delivering the transformation or employees being impacted by it. So focus on and invest in their change journey upfront. 
  • Delivery rigour – Be precise about the areas you want to control (eg scope and business case) and why these matter, but be flexible on how the delivery teams achieve their objectives. 
  • Lasting impact – Before getting underway, think about life after transformation. Don’t make it an afterthought. Embed the programme and new ways of working/thinking into the business, ensuring it is equipped to realise the target benefits. There’s no point investing millions into business strategy & transformation consulting if no one adopts the outcome.  

Baringa’s Transformation Framework integrates these four critical pillars to deliver purposeful outcomes with rigour and provide lasting impacts for the business and its people. The core services we provide are described in the following sections.


Transformation strategy and approach

Business transformation strategy and approach

Our business transformation consultants start by establishing a vision for your business transformation linked to corporate strategic purpose.

To do that, we:

  • Ensure full senior leadership alignment and support from the start 
  • Define clear metrics linking transformation strategy to OKRs driving effective and aligned decision-making
  • Put people at the heart of business transformation and build the culture and capability to ensure success
  • Choose a flexible E2E agile transformation approach proven across industries and underpinned by experts focused on outcomes.

Transformation setup and mobilisation

Transformation setup and mobilisation

Our business transformation consultants help you to ensure your transformation gets started in a way that provides a solid foundation for future delivery activities, giving the programme a sense of momentum and shared purpose from day 1.

To do that, we:

Create the vision

  • Work with all levels of your business to jointly build a vision that everyone buys into
  • Create a robust business case to serve as the North Star, central and visible throughout the programme lifecycle – not just to the finance teams.

Align strategies 

  • Collaboratively develop and integrate your key strategies e.g. procurement, tech & data, workforce and ESG
  • Build your business target operating model and the roadmap to reach the target-state
  • Deliver a Transformation Leadership and Management training programme to instil the right behaviours to drive successful change.

Set up business and programme architecture & operations 

  • Make sure that your architecture is set up to deliver the business transformation approach successfully and support your operations
  • Set up your Intelligent Transformation Management Office to support and control the programme without limiting pace or flexibility.

Intelligent Transformation Management Office (TMO)

Intelligent Transformation Management Office (TMO)

Our consultants can help implement a Transformational Management Office (TMO) which is critical to drive consistency and efficiency, challenge thinking and to support delivery of the strategic vision and target outcomes across your portfolio/programme.

To do that, we:

  • Combine our key services to provide E2E delivery support via TMO roles embedded into your transformation programme
  • Set a strong, light and flexible ‘carbon fibre’ governance structure that is right for your portfolio or programme
  • Embed a lean team with a focus on driving insight from PMO operations
    Implement tooling that enables data-driven insight, decision-making and a single-source of truth
  • Where appropriate, enable all this through Baringa’s Adaptive Programme & Portfolio Office (APO) ‘mixed-shore’ service.

Transformation capability building

Transformation capability building 

Combining our geekiness and transformational capabilities, our consultants help you to co-create an organisation with the right people in the right place at the right time.

To do that, we:


  • Use our Transformation Capability Diagnostic to identify the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to deliver the business transformation
  • Identify the teams or people to be deployed or developed
  • Gather insight on levers for change and affected areas.


  • Develop commercial strategies and plans where transformational capabilities need to be procured externally
  • Create incentivisation for allocation of resources to the business transformation. 


  • Create a roadmap for internally building capability to sustain the business transformation approach
  • Deploy coaching via our Transformation Leadership and Management training programme to instil the right behaviours.

Transformation assurance

Transformation assurance 

We recognise that IT and change programmes are complex, high risk, with long timeframes, and significant consequences if delivery is delayed or fails to happen. We can provide a critical in assuring business transformations deliver a sustainable performance with the expected outcomes.

To do that, we:

  • Really understand the value and importance of delivering business transformation programmes on time, on budget, and on quality. Independent Programme Assurance is key to that delivery – with Baringa as a truly independent partner
  • Apply our flexible approach at any stage of the programme lifecycle, focused across the programme as a whole, or targeted on specific delivery areas
  • Believe in a proactive transformation assurance model that seeks to identify future risk areas rather than an assessment limited solely to current status
  • Tailor the depth and duration of the engagement to suit each client’s needs, ensuring minimal impact to programme plans and BAU activities
  • Assess, review, challenge, and engage with clients to discuss gaps, risks, issues, and opportunities to improve programme delivery
  • Provide targeted, pragmatic and deliverable recommendations to be actioned by the delivery teams.

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