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Supply chain and procurement

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John Calder

John Calder

Partner | Supply chain and procurement

"Supply chain is changing, increasing focus on flexibility, reliability, visibility and efficiency. Sourcing is developing new models of supplier collaboration, manufacturing is being transformed by IOT and reshoring, the next generation of planning tools are being rolled out as the brain of the supply chain, and new deliver solutions are transforming final mile logistics. The supply chain of the future will look very different to today."

Sofia Gkiafi

Sofia Gkiafi

Senior Manager | Supply chain and procurement

"With all the hype around lights-out planning, demand sensing, machine learning and demand-driven supply chains, the skills that will be most valuable in planning teams will be changing, and so will the day-to-day life of the planner – arguably for the better."

David Balchin

David Balchin

Senior Manager | Supply chain and procurement

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Category management and supplier management

We have rich, cross-industry experience helping our clients to optimise their 3rd party supplier spend while enhancing quality, reliability and innovation in the supply base. We support this through design and implementation of new processes and operating models, driving supplier collaboration, developing category strategies, executing sourcing events and more effective management of contracts to reduce both cost and risk.

Procurement operations / purchase to pay

Our procurement practice helps clients optimise their operational procurement processes and buying channels to enhance control, visibility and service while managing costs and improving the experience for non-procurement users. We also support our clients to define their digital procurement technology strategies in a rapidly changing technological landscape, ensuring adequate procurement governance and controls are in place, and improving efficiency through automation, collaboration and AI.

Forecasting, planning and demand management

Planning is the heartbeat of any supply chain and getting it right is now more important than ever. We support our clients with demand and supply planning, inventory management, and integrated business planning. From strategy through to design and execution, we equip our clients with pragmatic solutions for their unique situation, and support them to develop their own capability so that change sticks. We have first-hand industry experience and understand the inherent challenges in Supply Chain Planning.

Manufacturing and assembly

Our strong technological expertise coupled with our proven approach allow us to offer clients the ability to identify efficiencies and optimise their manufacturing and assembly infrastructure. We work across all areas including e-commerce, renewable supply chain design, reshoring and process analytics.

Logistics and distribution

Our cross-industry experts support clients across a range of logistics and distribution engagements. These include complex final mile supply chain design, 3PL and 4PL outsourcing strategy, logistics control tower design and implementation, fleet management and electric vehicle strategy as well as supply chain network modelling and optimisation and technology strategy.

Service management

Post-sale services are increasingly important in winning and retaining customers. Our expertise in returns optimisation and processing, stores and network inventory management, data analytics and AI solutions in post-sales services keeps our clients one step ahead of the competition.