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Network businesses face an unprecedented period of change as they gear up for the challenges of Net Zero. Governments and regulators are grappling with how best support this. We help our clients to enable net zero through modernising the grid, whilst ensuring system resilience and delivering customer and shareholder value

Enabling net zero

Energy networks will need to be completely transformed to facilitate the transition to net zero.

Our clients need to:

  • Plan networks within an uncertain pathway to net zero
  • Align incentives across network operators to drive optimal whole system outcomes
  • Overcome technology barriers associated with a greater role for hydrogen
  • Operate low or zero carbon energy systems
  • Coordinate infrastructure build out

We are helping them by:

  • Developing scenarios and network option analysis platforms for network operators
  • Working with local authorities to determine potential pathways to net zero
  • Modelling the impact of hydrogen on network assets for portfolio investors
  • Assessing the different models for the DSO transition for industry bodies internationally
  • Supporting the UK Government’s review of offshore transmission
  • Supporting the most innovative projects providing commercial and regulation advise and analysis and defining the plan to embed into business as usual

Modernising the grid

Network companies need to embrace new technologies and digitalisation to plan and operate increasingly complex energy systems.

Our clients need to:

  • Improve insight into the network, and develop new Low Voltage network models
  • Identify and realize the benefits of open data obligations
  • Integrate flexibility and DSO capabilities into their legacy network systems and operating model
  • Shift towards data driven decisions whilst realizing immediate benefits

We are helping them by:

  • Defining digitalisation strategies for network businesses in the UK and Australia
  • Leading digital and data transformation of network businesses
  • Developing the business case for novel network technologies for DNOs
  • Automating connections applications for DER customers
  • Supporting the selection and implementation of new ADMS and DERMS solutions

Ensuring system resilience

As customers become ever more reliant on energy networks for secure low carbon energy, the physical and cyber risks are growing.

Our clients need to:

  • Embed cyber and reliance requirements within operating models
  • Deliver major cyber programmes to meet regulatory and statutory requirements
  • Embed climate change mitigation into your asset investment programme
  • Understand the resilience threats and opportunities from a more interconnected energy system
  • Develop predictive analytics to improve network resilience

We are helping them by:

  • Co-creating cyber strategy, operating models and investments roadmaps with DNOs and TSOs
  • Assessing the climate related physical risks to transmission assets for international developers
  • Applying systems thinking approaches to assist governments in assessing policy dependencies relating to security of supply
  • Utilising machine learning techniques to improve real-time network forecasting

Delivering customer and shareholder value for networks

Network operators have a key role in keeping the cost of the energy transition as low as possible for customers, and ensuring the financeability of their operations.

Our clients need to:

  • Protect vulnerable customers
  • Provide timely network access and customer choice
  • Facilitate markets for flexibility
  • Expand competition
  • Outperform regulatory settlements and deliver at an efficient cost
  • Re-organise the business to meet the future challenges

We are helping them by:

  • Supporting Licenced Network Operators on their business plan submissions and negotiations
  • Delivering cost transformation programmes
  • Designing new network access arrangements and tariffs for DER and EV
  • Designing new network services and trialling new flexibility markets
  • Designing new operating models for a fully separated DSO
  • Developing vulnerable customer strategy for DNOs
A view of a Liquified Natural Gas Storage Facility

Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Natural gas and LNG remain at the heart of the global energy – both in meeting security of supply and energy transition needs. As a key energy transition fuel, it will have a sustained, albeit changing role across the world.

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