The natural gas market has never been more in focus, driving the global energy landscape, at the centre of an energy industry challenged to balance security of supply with affordability and sustainability. The European gas crisis has driven unprecedented investment in the continent—but also has global ramifications from both a supply and demand perspective. New supply projects are needed to meet the shortfall in Europe, whilst the fundamentals underpinning demand growth in Asia remain.

Concurrently, the global market continues to evolve with greater transparency and liquidity supporting an ever-more global industry.

Meanwhile, the global movement towards Net Zero continues to play out. Gas is expected to play a significant role, particularly in Asian markets and will interplay with growth technologies and energy vectors such as hydrogen and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

The financing landscape for new gas infrastructure is evolving too, with financial institutions increasingly seeking to have Net Zero compliant investment approaches. Gas has a role to play in energy transition but faces an uncertain financing landscape.

Suppliers, traders, buyers and consumers must adapt to this evolving landscape, and government, regulators and financiers will also need to adjust their approaches. Baringa works with clients across the gas and LNG value chain globally to capture these opportunities and overcome corresponding challenges.

Our Offerings

Business strategy advisory

We support our clients in identifying, defining and achieving their desired business objectives. Baringa’s Business Strategy and Advisory helps gas and LNG companies to discover, understand and engage in financial, commercial and operational aspects of the gas value chain.

Market fundamentals analysis

By deploying out global gas model, Baringa helps clients to gather the insightful information they need to make rational financial as well as operational decisions and enable them to take a long-term view of the global gas and LNG market.

Transaction advisory

Baringa supports our clients—be they project sponsors, lenders or equity investors—in fully understanding the risks and opportunities associated with potential investments along the gas and LNG value chain.

Project and asset development support

Baringa has significant experience working with clients across all phases of development. This is applicable to all stages of the gas and LNG value chain, from early planning and definition, to the construction phase, through to incremental improvements. Our experience of developing teams, tools and systems means we can effectively support our clients in preparing for commercial and physical operations.

Infrastructure and networks

Baringa helps advise on policy and regulation around development and use of natural gas infrastructure and networks. As well as helping policy makers to design this regulation, we support project developers and customers in developing models for capacity utilisation. We promote a better understanding of the rules of access, and of the factors impacting how infrastructure is utilised.

Trading strategy and capability

The evolution of the gas and LNG market means organisations must place ever more emphasis on running effective trading operations. Baringa works with leading gas and LNG companies to deliver best-in-class trading and risk management capabilities. We create cost-effective trading operations with increased customer focus and overcome multi-geography operations challenges.

Portfolio optimisation

As global gas and LNG markets liberalise and converge, traditional arbitrage margins will constrict, and profitability will be driven by optimisation and the efficient management of portfolios. We help companies to navigate the complexities of evolving market conditions and enable them to extract optimal value from their investments and portfolios through a clear understanding of where and how optimisation can be achieved, and the ways and means of delivering it across all operational aspects of the gas and LNG value chain.

Technology transformation

Baringa helps gas and LNG companies to implement technology to enable and support commercial and physical operations. Baringa uses its industry expertise to help harness the right data, systems and infrastructure to improve profitability, increase agility, reduce costs and meet regulatory demands.

Data science and analytics

Baringa helps gas and LNG firms to organise and control data as well as to turn data into insight. In doing so we help companies to establish new capabilities and build and deliver data-powered solutions into production.

Our Impact

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