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Decarbonisation of the trade portfolio and operations

Energy and commodity trading organisations are critical to the success of the energy transition and drive to net zero. We are at the heart of this industry wide challenge across asset classes leading our clients through the complex intricacies of how to respond to this situation to mitigate the risks of the energy transition and identify the commercial opportunities.

We work closely with our clients to:

  • Embed energy transition objectives into their commercial strategy
  • Define emissions measurement and reporting frameworks aligned with industry standards
  • Provide data analytics to ensure accurate and repeatable measurement of emissions data
  • Create Credible Transition Plans to share with internal and external stakeholders
  • Embed energy transition focused changes into existing operating models

Expert risk management advisory

We are currently experiencing one of the biggest fundamental changes the energy and commodities trading markets have ever seen. Effective risk management policies and practices allow trading businesses to safely navigate this dynamic and complex market environment, helping improve portfolio performance and seize profitable opportunities while safeguarding against potential losses. A comprehensive risk management framework is essential for ensuring financial stability and operational resilience.

Our team works at all levels of an organization - from the board level to operational teams - helping clients to:

  • Develop and implement tailored risk management concepts which strike the balance between protecting your organisation from the risks specific to your business model and enabling the achievement of strategic goals to capture profits
  • Calibrate their risk appetite against their commercial strategy and overall strategic objectives (shareholder return vs. tolerance for different risk types)
  • Translate their existing governance structure and “mandate of authority” levels into a robust target operating model with 3 lines of defence to support the allocation of operational responsibilities, efficient escalation paths and a culture of collaboration
  • Set up and strengthen risk frameworks to ensure risk policies and processes are aligned to the risk appetite of the organisation
  • Review and validate the adequacy of risk models and risk metrics, develop frameworks for transfer pricing, enhanced models validation and cost allocation

We bring a wealth of capabilities and advisory expertise as well as hands on change delivery across all areas of risk management, combining experience from across the energy markets and the financial services industry.

Digital innovation in trading

Trading technology is more than ever more than just core applications. Trading organizations face unprecedented challenges to their commercial role, their operating model and how they will leverage digital innovation and data insights to deliver their business strategy. We work with clients to: 

  • Better align their digital investments to commercial value - be clear how they will win and the capabilities they need to achieve this 
  • Recognising the value of their core systems, we help organisations navigate away from application centric landscapes to truly data centric architectures - building critical data foundations that liberate data and enable genuine digital innovation 
  • Organise and operate in a different way to embed ideation, agility and responsiveness to their ways of working 
  • Deliver new and relevant digital products and services that help generate additive GM, reduce OPEX, and/or mitigate risk.

Trading architecture and IT advisory

We work with our clients to design their future target state architectures, allowing them to unlock value, to enter new markets and trade new products. We also work with clients to plan their delivery roadmaps and transition states and pride ourselves on being pragmatic and realistic in our designs and plans. Most of the team have done “big IT delivery” for trading organisations before so we know what good looks like – we know what works and what doesn’t. We help our clients to successfully deliver change whilst avoiding the common delivery pitfalls.

A view of a Liquified Natural Gas Storage Facility

Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Natural gas and LNG remain at the heart of the global energy – both in meeting security of supply and energy transition needs. As a key energy transition fuel, it will have a sustained, albeit changing role across the world.

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