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"I like finding the problems that everyone says can’t be solved. I’ll run into the wall 11 times; but something changes the 12th time and I break through."

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Energy and Resources

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Enjoy the journey –– whichever route you choose. Just remember, every experience is shaping who you are.

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Joe started his working life at the US military’s toughest branch, the Marine Corps, then moved into the world of Energy Trade and Risk Management (ETRM) systems, before arriving in management consulting. He specialises in the energy industry focusing on the energy transition and helps clients assess how their choices impact both the market and the environment, and how to adapt their commercial and technology strategy accordingly.

Over the last two decades, Joe has delivered many large-scale transformational projects in the industry, and he’ll never forget the first one he led: over a three-year programme, he worked with an independent power supplier with assets all over the US. He led the commercial transformation program team, which focused on revamping their entire IT commercial landscape and redefined all business processes in parallel. The project went so well that the CIO received an award from the C-Suite for the best ETRM implementation ever – Joe has a photo of the team proudly holding the award at the go-live party, which is a treasured memento from the past.

He’s happiest scrutinising perceived simplicity to reveal the concealed complexity underneath. Such as considering all the intricate details behind switching a light on – from the actual generation of the power, the balancing act of the grid, the fuel and transportation of the fuel, to the trading / hedging strategy and how they are all connected and affect whether the light comes on.

As for hidden talents, Joe is most at home in the kitchen. Sometimes he’s using his sous vide, others he’s outside in the Texan sun running his smoker producing a great Texan BBQ. He likes to challenge himself with culinary experiments but acknowledges perfection isn’t always possible – when things go wrong, continuing to try is what makes you better.


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