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We work on many of the most innovative and transformational initiatives in the insurance sector, helping clients think about, prepare and deliver for the future.

We help clients reap material benefits for their customers, employees and shareholders by applying deep industry insight and delivery experience.


Focus on your sector

Driving and responding to industry consolidation

Our industry remains fragmented with huge opportunity for consolidation to; increase market share, deliver economies of scale, enhance value and rationalise structures. Whatever the driver, we help clients deliver the maximum value from their business, ensuring OD structures, processes and IT solutions are established and culture is maintained.

Responding to on-going cost and capital constraints

Economic pressure, geopolitical instability, soft rates and fierce competition are forcing insurers to aspire to the next generation of cost optimisation to generate competitive advantage. Our experience, industry focus and proprietary techniques help unlock cost trapped in the value chain using both traditional methods to next generation automation, AI and Digital integration.

Driving innovation through existing business models

The Insurance industry is wrestling with how it reinvents itself to expand services, increase customer engagement, reduce cost and leverage technology advancements. The proliferation of InsurTech companies demonstrates the ideas and technology are out there. We help our clients understand the InsurTech landscape and how to make the most of these opportunities whilst also maximising the potential innovation from within their own organisation.

How to exploit and ensure security of data

With the increasing number of news stories and regulatory scrutiny, data is both a huge asset and a risk for Insurers. We help our clients to transform how they govern, control and exploit their data. We provide industry-focused support, insights and best practice for all aspects of a Data and Analytics function, from data governance and control frameworks, operating models, storage and infrastructure, data development and warehousing and through to reporting, visualisation and data analytics capability.

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