How do two major insurers navigate the choppy waters of a merger and come out stronger the other side?

We’d steered our client through big changes before, but nothing like this. An acquisition by another firm spelled a seismic shift for the company, and a lot of uncertainty for its people.

We helped the client make tough choices

We led all the work it took to get the two companies operating as one. A team of about 20 Baringa specialists went in-house to immerse themselves in the two businesses and make sure important decisions got made. When there were two ways of doing one thing, we offered an objective eye on which would work better. When systems had to be merged, we mapped out the best way to do it.

With jobs on the line and both companies’ culture at stake, we had to handle the project with care. We talked, listened, and always spelled out the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. We knew that the smartest systems would count for nothing if the people in the newly merged organisation didn’t share a sense of purpose.

Things worked from day one

We seamlessly blended tech, systems, and operations. From the moment an employee tapped their card on the front gate of their new building, to the minute they opened their email inbox, to the day they got their monthly payslip – every detail was taken care of by the time the two firms started operating as one.

With these solid foundations set up, the new insurance firm could start harnessing the power of its combined people, products, and customer base.

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