From legacy systems to a fully functioning, integrated PAS platform, hosted in the cloud, in nine months.

How do you deliver digital transformation with more certainty, fewer delays and minimal disruption - at a pace that defies conventional expectations?

There are so many price comparison sites now, to the point that few markets are more competitive than home insurance. 

To respond faster to shifts in price and customer demand, our client, a leading home insurer, decided they needed to replace slow, inflexible legacy systems with an agile and efficient cloud platform-as-a-service. 

And, in such a competitive market, they needed the platform up-and-running fast. A key part of their brief was to avoid wasting unnecessary time and resources on customising systems.

Three principles that deliver better systems and smarter processes

They came to Baringa to design and implement the cloud transition because we’d worked together on successful transformation projects in the past.  

They trusted us to deliver because of our distinctive approach to enterprise architecture. We start with a defining principle in mind and then build the solution around the intended outcomes. Our architecture team drew on a combination of innovative thinking and pragmatic problem-solving skills, working closely with the client’s team to understand their ambitions. We then helped them select a system that fitted all their specifications, could be installed quickly and embedded without customisation. The solution was the ICE Policy platform, ICE InsureTech’s configurable PAS solution designed with insurers in mind. Working in close collaboration with ICE throughout, we also made sure our client could integrate the chosen platform seamlessly with existing systems, including ICE’s out of the box integrations, paying particular attention to potential stumbling blocks like interfaces and data formatting.

Another principle in our approach is ‘change the process, not the platform’. From experience, we know that processes are only as good as the technology used to run them. That’s why it’s so important that the system is equipped to run industry best practice processes, rather than having to adapt to outdated legacy operations.            

A third principle is identifying and ironing out as many potential risks and snags as possible up front. Working closely with our client and ICE InsureTech, we carefully planned and coordinated the input from everybody working on the project. We also led and supported the integration testing to make sure that all components of the platform were ready on time and worked without teething problems from day one.

A platform that gives them the edge over the competition 

The result was one of the fastest insurance software implementations ever seen in the industry – just nine months from start to go-live, all hosted in the cloud. This included 18 integrations as part of the first release, which is a highly complex undertaking within a market like insurance, especially for a Tier 1 insurer. 

Most of all, our client has catapulted into the top five recommendations in most major price comparison sites because they can now adjust prices and terms with more responsiveness and speed, thanks to their new platform. 

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