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Corporate decarbonisation

End to end consulting offering for corporate decarbonisation. Our end-to-end approach utilises a holistic framework of levers to develop credible and executable strategies, that meet sustainability ambitions and deliver value:

  • Strategy definition: Energy market insights and projections; energy cost exposure analysis; options appraisal; right to win/right to play analysis; ambition and strategy definition; size of the prize analysis
  • Commercial development: Commercial structuring; capability assessment; operating model design; business case development; delivery roadmap definition
  • Commercial execution: Market engagement and testing; managed trials; full solution procurement; governance and benefits tracking; ongoing commercial and delivery support
  • We have extensive experience providing commercial and strategic advice on PPAs to all the large global IT giants and telecoms majors, who have been at the forefront of shaping the CPPA market internationally

Building strategy and propositions to support the e-mobility transition

We bring exceptional experience spanning market fundamental analysis across the energy services landscape providing market leading EV knowledge, including our Baringa Global Transport Transition Model that provides projections for EV and EV ChargePoint uptake during the energy transition in the coming years.

We are supporting utility companies, policy makers, infrastructure owners, CPOs, global oil majors, banks and OEMs to review and assess the opportunities in the EV market both in the UK and beyond.

Our capabilities include:

  • Developing EV propositions and strategy, supporting clients in understanding the e-mobility market and supporting their strategy, business, and commercial model development
  • Fleet electrification. Enabling fleet electrification from planning and charging infrastructure requirements across the value chain from energy strategy and change management Investment and risk

Onsite renewables

We are supporting energy users to decarbonise their energy needs and those of their customers or supply chain by maximising commercial value from clean tech, and we advise clients on strategy, development, financing and delivery of these onsite renewable solutions to residential and commercial end-users.

We support clients address key questions, for example:

  • The value of flexibility across different asset classes
  • The optimal customer proposition
  • How to build and model the value of onsite renewables
  • Energy optimisation (e.g. time of use and flex)
  • Home energy flex platforms

Green homes and businesses

The investment required in energy infrastructure to decarbonise corporations and households will be £100s of billions over the next 20 years, in the UK alone it will
cost £250bn to bring 29m homes to net zero, and this will be replicated in every major economy.

We help clients to decarbonise homes and businesses through the enablement and deployment of net-zero products, propositions, assets, services and operating models.

We support clients to develop the strategy, propositions, financing and operating model transformation required to enable the delivery of low-carbon solutions to residential and commercial end-users.

Example work includes designing and executing the strategy, propositions, operating model, people and technology changes required to support:

  • Building efficiency upgrades (e.g. Government schemes including ECO, LAD)
  • Market size and opportunity
  • Home energy flex platforms
  • Energy optimisation (e.g. time of use and flex)

Heat decarbonisation

Decarbonising heat is often the greatest challenge faced by companies and customers who are on a decarbonisation journey. The current low carbon heat market is fragmented and difficult to navigate, shown by the sub-scale size of the district heat market and relatively low uptake of heat pumps, to other energy service assets. We bring market leading experience and knowledge of heat decarbonisation and the technologies that need to be deployed at scale to address the market challenges, support the transition, and realise market success.

  • We can support clients to develop their strategy & vision, design business models and develop capabilities
  • We have extensive experience of delivering successful programmes across heat decarbonisation from Heat Network target operating models, heat diversification strategy, commercial due diligence and assessment of the current and future market opportunities
  • We have experience of supporting clients looking to enter the heat pump market and build up capability, providing due diligence and M&A support
  • We have broad experience advising heat network businesses what they should continue doing stop doing and start doing, working with heat network clients looking to unlock opportunities in this growing market and position themselves for greater success
  • We work across Government and heat businesses to further develop strategy, propositions and operational design
  • We have delivered heat strategy for the Network Distribution Operator Businesses in the UK
  • We have worked with Government to advise on policy and market policy

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