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"Energy markets are going through unprecedented changes as we decarbonise our economies. I can’t think of a more exciting sector to be part of and it is such a privilege to work with so many clients who part of this journey towards net zero."

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Took a year off to travel the world with his wife

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Having worked in the energy market for nearly two decades, Ryan thrives in an industry where new innovations and opportunities present themselves, seemingly every day. He sees his role as a guide for his clients, helping them navigate these changes and solve their energy challenges – from large energy users who need to cut their carbon intensity, to service providers and investors looking for the next big opportunities, in areas such as electric vehicles and on-site renewables.

From a position at the heart of the sector, Ryan and his team are driven by market data and insight. But what’s most important to him is helping his clients interpret that insight, so they get specific, relevant advice that helps address their most pressing strategic priorities. That usually means answering the question, “in an industry where I could make any number of choices, which ones are right for me?”

Having built the low-carbon solutions team from scratch, bringing into one place a group of experts who were doing cutting-edge work in energy, he understands the importance of building for the future. That’s why he’s proud of the intern programme he helped set up over a decade ago, as part of his work on Baringa’s culture and growth strategy. He’s now seeing some of the original cohort become senior managers and some of our highest performers, ready to lead the next generation of the business.

And speaking of the next generation, outside Baringa, you’ll find Ryan and his wife looking after their three young daughters and their collection of tropical fish. When he gets the chance, he burns off any remaining energy in the gym or on the golf course.

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