January 2025 is looming, and our research suggests businesses won’t be comfortably compliant with the EU’s Digital Operational Resilience Act before the deadline.
There’s no shortage of stop-gap solutions, but they aren’t the answer. With more regulation on the horizon, you want to avoid unnecessary restarts, surging costs, and a lack of cohesion with your other transformation initiatives. You need a more considered approach.
At Baringa, we see regulation as an opportunity; a chance to master your digital risk management. We help you define the proper scope and priorities for your DORA execution to get you fit for January and lay the foundation for beyond.
We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.  We help you focus on the right details—whether that’s simplifying your network of third-party dependencies, fine-tuning your ICT risk frameworks, or developing your testing capability. We act as an extension to your team embedding resilience at the core of your organisation to protect your biggest assets. And when we leave our capabilities stay because we upskill your people to build sustainable solutions faster, keeping you ready for the next wave of risk and regulation.
Compliance with DORA is imperative, but we can help you use it for your long-term advantage.

Our Insights

We help you master digital risk

Impact and gap assessments

Thanks to our regulatory horizon-scanning capability, we give you a complete view of DORA’s regulatory expectations and keep you aware of related regulation. We perform current state assessments to identify gaps and areas for enhancement, and we design and deliver remediation plans. 

ICT risk strategy and operating models

We future-proof your business and technology strategy by deploying a holistic approach to identifying, assessing, mitigating, and monitoring digital risks. We design, implement, and mature your operating model to embed digital resilience at its core.

ICT risk management, control frameworks and governance

We put appropriate policies and procedures in place to accurately identify and manage ICT risk exposures and ultimately deliver resilience and security. We develop the data, processes, and reporting tools you need to monitor the resilience of critical functions. 

Cybersecurity and ICT resilience

We scope and validate your technology and cyber resilience, identifying and measuring the impact of resource vulnerabilities. We conduct risk assessments of legacy ICT systems and review and enhance your ICT business continuity and disaster recovery approaches.​

ICT third-party risk management (TPRM)

We proactively monitor the resilience of the ICT third parties that underpin the delivery of your critical functions. We develop, implement, and enhance TPRM frameworks and incorporate risk assessment methodologies, exit plans, and monitoring. We also assist you in assessing contractual provisions. ​

Testing design and execution

We design and execute testing exercises, working with your technology teams to define testing scenarios, orchestrate workshops, and document vulnerability action plans. We prepare you for threat-led penetration testing and develop strategies to execute exercises and build your capability.​

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