Growth strategy

Growth strategy

We help our clients drive transformational growth. We’ll show you how to grow organically and inorganically, as well as leveraging external capabilities through strategic alliances.

Customer and growth strategy

We’ll help you discover new market opportunities and realise the value of your
existing customers. To do that, we:

  • explore the attractiveness of new business models, products, segments and markets
  • help you understand your stakeholder ecosystem and shape the impact you can make on the world
  • focus your organisation around your customers, your purpose and unlocking value
  • set the objectives and actions which maximise each customer’s lifetime value
  • outline the pathway to launch, test and scale.

Transaction advisory

When it’s time for you to think about investing in and growing your business, our deep industry knowledge on transaction advisory sets us apart. We bring market insights and practical business experience to corporates, private equity and infrastructure funds across a range of sectors

Market analysis

We support you to understand market drivers, size markets, and identify potential targets.

Due diligence

We undertake commercial, vendor, operational, technology, regulatory, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) due diligence.

Value creation

We support private equity-owned businesses with organic and inorganic growth strategies, optimising revenues and margins, and using ESG as a value creation lever.

Energy transition strategy

Energy transition strategy

As the transition towards a decarbonised future continues at pace, we support our clients at the c-suite and board level to develop strategies that create value for shareholders and the organisation as a whole. We leverage our deep industry experience to bring a unique understanding of key energy transition drivers, to create a bespoke strategic narrative for your organisation and an investment plan that is genuinely actionable in the market.

Energy transition strategy narrative

We’ll help you create a coherent narrative that points out the key transition trends and their impact on your existing business. We will translate these into a clear strategy that is bespoke to your organisation and help you communicate it effectively to your key stakeholders.

Operating and capability model

We’ll create the right organisational operating model that will help you execute on your transition strategy, including detail on the capabilities you’ll need across the value chain.

Shareholder value creation

We’ll show you how your chosen strategy and its impact will create value for your shareholders and wider stakeholders, aligned with your strategic priorities.

Strategic business planning

We’ll move your chosen transition strategy forward into a strategic business plan and investment cases that you can tangibly execute on to start delivering value.

CFO advisory and operations strategy

CFO advisory and operations strategy

We support CFOs through business change. Starting from a foundation of collaboration and solid data insights, we’ll integrate technology and enable change to support the finance function and drive business performance across the enterprise.

Business performance

We show you how to create an impact by enabling data-based decisions and driving enterprise performance, including managing the effects and impacts of the climate and sustainability agenda.

Operations and transformation strategy

We help transform your organisation to optimise your end-to-end processes, focus you in on the things that get results, and develop your teams so they live and breathe continuous improvement.

Business integration

We look at your operating model, technology, and change strategies to show how change can help you find efficiencies and opportunities across the whole business.

Sustainable business strategy

Sustainable business strategy

For us, sustainability refers to an organisation’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives and reduce its negative social and environmental impacts. We’re helping the world’s leading organisations re-imagine the role of business to create wealth for shareholders, improve people’s lives and restore nature. We help clients navigate the complexities and trade-offs, creating impact that lasts, while driving profitability. As a B Corp, we’ve put sustainability at the heart of our business strategy.

Understanding impacts risks

If you don’t fully understand the problem, you won’t be able to fix it. That’s why we start with a thorough assessment of how our clients’ are affecting the world around them.

To do that, we:

  • Unlock data-driven insights that baseline a company’s positive and negative impacts on people and planet across the entire value chain
  • Explore how the changing internal and external context is shifting the risk profile: creating new opportunities as well as threats to achieving strategic goals
  • Evaluate the risks and potential liabilities to be proactively managed across the value chain.

Designing a sustainable business strategy

Embracing sustainability isn’t about rebranding and coming up with snappy taglines. It requires a fundamental rethink of how you do business.

That’s why we help our clients:

  • Rethink their organisation’s purpose and vision to have a positive impact on the world
  • Revise the strategic priorities to incorporate sustainability
  • Identify ways to change the core processes, decision-making criteria and governance across the organisation
  • Surface opportunities to increase the sustainability of the entire value chain
  • Develop a strategic roadmap to guide implementation.

Transforming the value chain

After helping our clients create a sustainable business strategy, we support the organisation as it translates purpose and strategic intent into action.
To do that, we:

  • Create metrics and processes to measure, track and report on progress against sustainability targets
  • Focus on people, identifying opportunities to bring together stakeholders from within the business and across the value chain to deliver positive outcomes for profit, people and planet
  • Help our clients implement the changes necessary to their strategic objectives, including sustainability ambitions
  • Hold ourselves and our clients to account, checking that the intended benefits are delivered
  • Work in an agile manner – adapting and enhancing our approach as we learn to deliver maximum impact
  • Provide a programme of change management and coaching support to embed changes on the ground.

Digital strategy

Digital strategy

A winning digital strategy balances today’s needs with tomorrow’s opportunities. By blending strategy with architecture, design with data, and innovation with delivery, we craft strategies that are compelling and believable.

Digital vision and strategy

We’ll help you drive maximum value from digital and make sure your organisation
is ready for the future.

To do that, we’ll support you to:

  • anticipate the future and your ambition to survive and thrive in uncertainty

  • make strategic choices on ‘where to play to’ and ‘how to win’ as a digital business

  • reimagine your operating model to unlock the value and opportunities of digital

  • activate your digital transformation journey to deliver today and future-proof for tomorrow.

Experience and channel strategy

We’ll analyse how your customers interact with your different channels and
experiences, and show you how you can build longer-term, more valuable

We’ll help you:

  • listen to your customers, understanding their aspirations and influential moments

  • shape a customer hierarchy and treatment strategy that optimises value and cost-to-serve

  • envision a target customer experience that grows profitable, long-term relationships

  • define the operating model that will deliver your customer promise

  • establish the experience architecture to monitor and improve your CX.

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