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"CFOs and their finance functions have become a litmus test for how successful a business can be. Getting the numbers right isn’t enough anymore; CFOs should be the stewards and strategists driving their organisations forwards."

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An economist by training, Mandeep is intrigued by the different avenues of value and how value is defined in the first place. A definition he’s seen change dramatically over the last two decades.

At Baringa, he and his CFO advisory team support executives with their key challenges and openings: the obligations, risks and opportunities that the climate and sustainability agenda present, joining the dots between front and back office to drive business performance, or refining the finance operating model to respond to internal and external factors.

Clarity, empathy and integrity are Mandeep’s three key tenets. Clarity is the key to success as it brings a level of pragmatism and simplicity that’s needed to discover and define value. Empathy is essential in connecting with others to understand differing viewpoints and collaborating to deliver value. And integrity means being comfortable to say the right thing in any forum. Mandeep likes to chase answers, offering views he has, debating and weighing them up, without worrying if they might be shot down: ‘strong views, loosely held’ and ‘leading with the chin’. He describes the relationship he has with his CFO clients as that of a critical friend, who gives genuinely independent advice – even if it’s something that they may not want to hear. For him, the icing on the cake is when a client speaks proudly about something the team has done with them.  

When off the job, Mandeep loves escaping the laptop and putting all his energy into the people in his personal life – meeting up with friends, taking his kids to cricket, football and tennis lessons, or taking himself to a Spurs game or a concert.


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