How do we do it?

We partner with people, not businesses

  • We hand-pick the right Baringa people for each client.
  • We only have one profit and loss statement. So we don’t compete with each other; we just do what’s right for our clients.
  • We work to build long-term relationships with our clients and their people, with many of us becoming trusted coaches and friends.
  • We write thought leadership with our clients and jointly speak at conferences.

Only the kind and collaborative

  • We hire people who are kind, curious, and great at what they do.
  • Every partner has a team of no more than 9 consultants, so our people learn and work together across all levels of our business.
  • We build capability into our clients’ teams as we go. So our work can stand on its own feet after we leave.
  • We partner with not-for-profit organisations and our clients, dedicating hundreds of hours of our time and expertise to the causes that mean the most to us.

We always want to hear it

  • We build an inclusive culture where every voice counts – no matter who they are or where they sit in the corporate hierarchy.
  • We have access to completely confidential ‘in-house’ psychological support and a range of other tools and benefits that support our wellbeing.
  • We run internal engagement surveys every month and regularly hit industry-leading employee satisfaction numbers.
  • Putting people first doesn’t just stop when our people move on to their next challenge. We stay in touch and keep investing in their careers, whatever they do and wherever they go.

Unashamedly geeky

  • We each have a generous budget for ongoing training and personal development so we remain experts in our field.
  • And our advisors – partnering with us from day one – are our mentors, helping us to shape our careers and achieve our goals.

Different is good

  • Diversity and inclusion is in our actions, not just our principles – we run bystander awareness training and facilitate conversations about authenticity at work, neurodiversity, being a working parent. We won the Women of the Future award and celebrate Pride every year.
  • No one develops at the same pace so we don’t have quotas for promotions. If our people are ready and performing at the right level, we promote them.