Customer and digital strategy

Setting your organisation’s customer vision, defining your digital strategy, and following up with the practical plans to turn ideas into action.

Customer and digital strategy

Whether you’re setting your customer vision, or stretching the one you already have, we’ll help you define it in a meaningful way. Our practical ideas will quickly leap off the page and into the real world.

Customer and growth strategy

We’ll show you how your business can grow—by tapping into the value of existing customers and exploring new opportunities.

To do that, we:

  • explore new business models, segments and markets
  • understand your stakeholders and the impact you can make on the world
  • shape the changes that will maximise a customer’s lifetime value
  • focus the organisation around customers, purpose and value
  • activate the pathway to launch, test and scale for success.

Digital vision and strategy

We’ll help you drive maximum value from digital and make sure your organisation is ready for the future.

To do that, we’ll support you to:

  • anticipate the future and your ambition to survive and thrive in uncertainty
  • make strategic choices on ‘where to play to’ and ‘how to win’ as a digital business
  • reimagine your operating model to unlock the value and opportunities of digital
  • activate your digital transformation journey to deliver today and future-proof for tomorrow.

Experience and channel strategy

We’ll analyse how your customers interact with your different channels and experiences, and show you how you can build longer-term, more valuable relationships.

We’ll help you:

  • listen to your customers, understanding their aspirations and influential moments
  • shape a customer hierarchy and treatment strategy that optimises value and cost-to-serve
  • envision a target customer experience that grows profitable, long-term relationships
  • define the operating model that will deliver your customer promise
  • establish the experience architecture to monitor and improve your CX.

Customer experience design and delivery

Delivering amazing omnichannel customer experiences and user-centric products and services through our service design methodology.

Customer experience design and delivery

We help you meet your strategic ambitions by delivering amazing customer experiences across all channels. Typically, we work with our clients on goals such as:

  1. achieving satisfaction, loyalty and retention through service design for seamless, omnichannel experiences
  2. acquiring new customers with market-leading, user-centric products and services
  3. increasing customer lifetime value by designing moments that really matter
  4. reducing cost-to-serve by enabling customers to self-serve through digital channels.

Proposition design and launch

Your organisation should offer things that attract new customers and keep existing ones coming back.

We’ll help you:

  • design user-centric products and propositions that your customers want and enjoy
  • craft experience design that delights your customers
  • use research and market insights to launch new products and propositions at the right time in the right way.

Product ownership

To deliver products that customers want, and make commercial sense, your organisation needs good product owners. We’ll share and embed our expertise to help you grow those skills in-house.

To do that, we:

  • assess the skills in your current product owner capability
  • provide product owners across levels and areas to supplement existing roles
  • coach and mentor your teams
  • use agile and scaled agile methodologies to speed up delivery
  • lead projects, including the setup and definition
  • create and build a lasting product owner capability.

Customer experience improvement

We’ll help you design and deliver an amazing customer experience, from small improvements to larger transformations.

To do that, we:

  • reduce your costs by enabling customers to self-serve through digital channels
  • understand customers through big data and analytics, set up for ongoing measurement and actionable insights
  • use barometers like voice of customer (VoC), net promoter score (NPS), and customer and employee satisfaction score (CSAT and ESAT) to connect the dots between big and deep data
  • pay attention to every touchpoint and back-end operation, designing and refining to perfection.

Innovation and rapid prototyping

It’s important to spend time up-front testing new concepts before you make costly investments. Using our service design methodology, we’ll show you how feasible and viable new ideas are, and how you can optimise your operations to deliver them.

To do that, we:

  • gather knowledge and insights from across the business
  • use primary research, empathy and data analytics tools to understand customer needs and behaviour
  • define an experience vision and the internal operating model you’d need to support it
  • run co-creation labs, getting customers involved to validate and refine our work
  • manage the delivery, adoption and continuity of our recommendations
  • scope, prioritise and get you started on the road to transformation.

Marketing, sales and service

How to grow and optimise your sales, develop your marketing strategy and transition to omnichannel customer service.

Marketing, sales and service

We show you how to grow and optimise your sales and improve your customer service. We do that by studying the full, end-to-end picture of how you generate leads, get those people to buy from you, and keep your customers satisfied.

Marketing strategy and operating model design

We can help set up your marketing capability for success, from defining its vision to implementing the operating model to get the work done.

To do that, we:

  • develop your marketing and customer growth strategy
  • assess your digital end-to-end capability using our proprietary methodology
  • support your marketing effectiveness to drive long-term loyalty and growth
  • design and implement your marketing operating model.

Revenue growth and sales optimisation

We’ll help you spot new value and unlock new revenue streams, then channel the right resources to capture them. We drive the top line while maximising seller productivity and perfecting the buyer experience.

To do that, we:

  • reimagine your go-to-market model, pivoting to maximise wallet share across the whole revenue lifecycle from lead to cash
  • turn your data into insight—so you know where the pockets of value in the market and your customer base are—then align your channels to capture them cost-effectively
  • drive productivity in all customer-facing, revenue-generating teams, from sales and marketing to customer success and retention
  • harmonise, optimise and standardise the lead-to-cash process, driving out buyer friction and driving up effective selling time
  • make sense of the sales technology landscape, so you have the right tools at the right cost to do the job.

Next-generation customer contact

Tomorrow’s contact centres will be agile, responsive and data-led, running at lower cost to deliver a superior experience for employees and customers. We can help you envision the digital customer experience of the future, and show you how to get there by working across people, process, data and technology.

To do that, we:

  • create your vision and strategy to re-platform for omnichannel customer service
  • start small to create rapid impact on specific challenges, like reducing waiting times or introducing a chatbot
  • shift your colleague experience to create a contact centre culture of innovation
  • build a performance centre to show real-time customer service data, intelligence and insights
  • bring you closer to your customers through research and testing
  • develop your technology strategy and roadmap, help you choose the right vendors, and deliver the best solution.

Direct-to-consumer and ecommerce

We help existing D2C businesses boost their performance, or create launchpads for clients who want to go from B2B to D2C.

To do that, we:

  • advise on how to build or grow a profitable D2C offering, including defining the north star vision, the tech capabilities required and the supporting business case
  • write a compelling proposition based on customer research and a robust go-to-market strategy
  • build the D2C capability and incubate the new organisation
  • use our accelerator to improve profitability or revenue
  • run pilots in emerging high-growth areas.

Customer engagement platforms and technology

Designing and delivering the digital engagement solution that gets you the biggest impact, so you can transform your offering and work efficiently.

Customer engagement platforms and technology

With the right platform, you can transform what you offer your customers and work more efficiently. We work closely with technology providers and implementation partners to design and deliver the digital engagement solution that gets you the biggest impact.

Engagement platform vision and strategy

It’s important to understand the full picture of what your digital strategy is, what your new architecture will look like, and how you’re going to get there.

To do that, we:

  • work to understand a fundamental picture of your vision and how you engage with customers today
  • show you how customer engagement platforms like Salesforce can bring your
    customer engagement strategy to life, and how each module fits into a wider architecture
  • define your new architecture and implementation roadmap, and show you what impact you’ll see at each increment
  • use our experience and partnerships to get you ready for the transition and make sure the implementation runs smoothly.

Digital transformation

We’ll show you how digital platforms can accelerate your path to value, from the
hyperscale cloud platforms like Azure, AWS and GCP; to functional platforms like
Salesforce, Workday and ServiceNow; and an array of industry platforms, from digital banking to digital twins.

To do that, we:

  • usually work as the engagement partner, driving the delivery
  • provide key roles including CX lead, product owner, scrum master, business
    change lead, and integration and data architect
  • work to tried and tested methodology based on scaled agile (SAFe) principles
  • use our governance framework to make sure every release ties to a key business driver and business case
  • work with our chosen handful of implementation partners to develop, test and
    deploy specific platforms.

Salesforce centre of excellence

We have deep capability in Salesforce, and are well-positioned to show you how the
platform can help you reach your digital CX objectives. We’ve worked on both targeted projects and multi-year transformations, from advising to being at the heart of delivery.

To do that, we:

  • are an established Salesforce partner with certified Salesforce experts
  • regularly help clients create and embed in-house centres of excellence, so they’re not over-reliant on third parties
  • work to a core set of pillars that focus on value, strategy, people and delivery
  • will assess where your business sits against the pillars, then define a roadmap to embed the platform as BAU.

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