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"You need x-ray vision in this business. If you can see through all the complexity to what really matters, you’re blessed."

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Jeff’s an industrial engineer by training – he brings the methodologies and systems-thinking approaches of the trade to his work with the consumer-packaged goods industry.  Over the last 35 years, he’s deconstructed the industry’s most complex challenges, and worked with clients in more than 20 countries around the world. Jeff briefly considered retirement, but ‘insanely curious’ by nature, he’s returned to build Baringa’s US consumer products practice.

Jeff advises clients on their transformational imperatives – puzzles that fascinate him. Like helping determine the best ways to engage consumers and customers through insights-driven sales and marketing. Reimagining their supply chains – to fit with both sustainability and post-Covid resiliency. Or helping century-old companies behave like digitally native ones.

In his view, he can only effectively advise on these decisions when he knows his clients’ business and strategy as well as, if not better than, they do. By asking ‘why’ questions, he discovers what a company is trying to do in the market, but also why they’re targeting that objective. He believes teaching instead of telling is the only way to fully explore a problem and find the right answers with his clients.

Jeff has enjoyed many proud moments, such as helping to broker and implement a deal between a regional and a multinational brewer to bring the world better beer. That’s his gift to mankind, but a creation he prizes most is the consumer insights database he helped his FMCG client build and implement. It was the first of its kind, made in 1998, and the company still uses it to this day.

When he’s not solving complex consumer goods challenges, he’s collecting fine wines. An enthusiasm he offsets with another, cycling – he racks up eight to ten hours a week on his road bike. 


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