What motivates stakeholders to fix a complex process that they’ve tried to fix before?

Every year our client onboards around 200 new suppliers across categories including software, healthcare, consulting and more. Their team described the onboarding process as frustrating, complicated, and slow. It resulted in delays to when services started, dissatisfied stakeholders, and increased risk.

We involved internal teams in every step of the journey

We assembled a Baringa team of insurance, process excellence, cyber security, finance, risk and compliance experts for the project, and were working directly with their corresponding teams. Our experts in each field understood the pain points of the onboarding process from an external perspective and uncovered the bigger picture.

Our client had tried to tackle this challenge before, but had struggled to engage and motivate those involved. They were surprised by how infectious the energy we brought was. Suddenly their people wanted to be part of the process! We engaged all their internal stakeholders, debated the issues and came up with solutions – with input from all. Our goal was to empower participants to solve problems together, rather than looking to find fault or blame.

Faster onboarding, and empowered teams with the tools to constantly improve

With our help, the client are looking to fast-track their supplier onboarding process. Our experts helped internal stakeholders to see the root causes of the challenge beyond the noise in the system. We gave them a clear view of the changes that needed to be made, and how to make them. Now that the project is completed, we are on hand to give advice as and when needed, but we’ve equipped our client with the tools and skills to own the new processes in-house, and to always be looking for opportunities to improve them in future.

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"The Baringa team brought bundles of energy of enthusiasm. It was infectious. Their experts involved our teams at every stage of the project, and helped them see our onboarding process from the supplier’s point of view."

Client project lead

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