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"Accurate information is so crucial for insurance companies, and not just for their daily operations. If they really want to push the envelope and take advantage of innovation, they must have a strategy that’s robust, coherent and that the entire organisation can get behind."

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Monarch Beach, California

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Paul works as a partner and leads our insurance practice, an area he’s worked in his entire career of almost 30 years. He loves the role insurance plays in society – how it helps people and businesses get back on their feet when something unexpected happens. After spending a few years in industry, consulting captured Paul’s attention, with its problem solving, independence, mobility and variety.

He works on business and technology change projects for UK and international insurers. No matter the project, Paul always starts with a conversation. His clients usually come to him with a challenge, and Paul starts asking questions so he can understand the root cause. It’s all about taking the time to find out what really needs fixing, and which Baringa team is the right one for the job.

One of Paul’s favourite parts of his job is the chance to build an amazing team of people who trust and enjoy working with each other. That’s how he’s built up Baringa’s insurance business over the past decade, where he’s proud that 80-90% of the work they do is for people who already know them, like them and want to work with them again.

An avid sports fan, Paul follows everything from golf to rugby. Yet nothing comes close to his beloved football and his team Manchester United. As a lifelong supporter, he’s managed to convert his three teenage kids and his wife’s American family and still believes it is only a matter of time before they come calling. 

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