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"The energy and commodities trading sector is going through a significant structural change based on underlying market changes, technology advancements as well as a focus on the net zero transition. It’s exciting to lead that change for our clients and help them shift the dial in terms of their functional and technical capabilities."

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Andy loves solving problems. As a partner in Baringa’s energy trading team, he works with his clients to solve complicated problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. He helps them transform their trading business – by changing the way they operate, deliver solutions or the way they’re organised – so they can grow, invest, or compete in a rapidly changing environment. He specialises in architectural and solution delivery for both small and large programmes. 

For Andy, it’s all about finding the fastest way to release value into his clients’ business, so they can enter a new market, trade in a new location or implement the technology that will help them innovate and compete. In addition to drawing on over two decades of experience in the sector, Andy’s always on the lookout for new insights he can bring to his clients, both from within Baringa and the market at-large. By working on leading projects in the industry, Andy also plays a role in shaping the sector’s future – a future that will require adapting to climate change and transitioning to more sustainable energy sources.

Sharing knowledge and helping the people around him are important parts of his job. He encourages his team to keep challenging and asking questions - because that’s how you discover better ways of doing things. Weekends for Andy tend to centre around some athletic activity, whether it’s coaching the local Under 8’s rugby team or ferrying his kids to different sporting events. When the ferrying is done, it’s time to chill out and he often sits down with his wife and puts on a good film to unwind.

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