With Covid numbers rising, and first vaccines coming to market, the NHS needed an agile and resilient vaccine supply chain to deliver millions of jabs to the country, save lives, minimise impact on the overloaded NHS, and lift the country out of social and economic lockdown. Much was resting on the vaccination roll-out’s success.

Working closely with the NHS Vaccine Task Force, NHS Supply Chain, Public Health England and DHSC, we assembled a team of supply chain experts with expertise in public health and pharma, and across other industries too. Our goal was to build a strong and agile vaccine supply chain that would incorporate the best of all worlds, with the patient right at the centre. We felt the immense responsibility every hour and every day of the programme, and the pressure was exacerbated by rising Covid cases and the announcement of further restrictions and lockdowns. Camaraderie and a sense of pragmatism allowed us to face every hurdle.

The result is an effective and efficient vaccine supply chain, delivered on time and with operational performance that far surpassed expectations. We’re beyond proud of the part we played in building the NHS Covid vaccine supply chain – a key success factor to a program that Public Health England estimates has saved over 100,000 lives.

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"Baringa brought a senior team with deep expertise the NHS doesn’t have. They have a reputation for getting the job done, bringing diversity to the program at the same time."

Emily Lawson, Senior Responsible Officer for the NHS COVID-19 vaccine deployment programme

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