How can a large telco unlock the advantages of digitalised operations and agile ways of working?

A major regional telco had developed a new platform: a digital engine capable of orchestrating the consumer propositions and in-store experience. But this was only the start of their digital journey. The next piece in the equation was to develop the ability to design, test and roll out new digitalised functionality across the business, significantly more quickly and cost effectively than in the past.

Ultimately, the telco wanted to be able to turn new ideas into customer benefits faster, and on a regular basis. Something that would require an agile mindset, as well as technology change.

More agile working, more collaboration

Baringa, with our extensive experience in agile working, was trusted to develop a new delivery model for our client: one that would be simpler, more collaborative and more sustainable.

Our approach, developed over a series of workshops, was focused on forging closer links between three key functions—business, technology and quality assurance—so that the right people would always be drawn into the right conversations at the right moments in the development process.

A big part of this was developing a formalised, end-to-end delivery model, from idea, through design to build and operate. But we also worked to break down barriers and ensure everyone involved – whether on internal or supplier teams – felt that they were part of a single, high performing team with a customer-centric mission.

Helping our client become a truly digital-first brand

As a result of our work, telco and supplier talent are collaborating like never before, with regular check-ins and show-and-tells. Business experts, technical designers and testers are now always in dialogue with each other – playing back what they’ve heard, what they need, and what they’re doing next.

The result is that multiple delivery trains are now able to run in parallel, with significant anticipated cost and time savings. Our client is fast becoming a truly digital-first telco.

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