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Baringa's Climate Base Case Insights

Climate Base Case Insights

Want to know more about the type of insights you can expect from subscribing to Baringa's Climate Base Case reports? Our latest insight report summarises some of our key learnings in 2023 including: what are the reasons for not reaching the Paris-aligned scenario in different countries and sectors? How much do they differ and where are the opportunities for investors? We showcase a snapshot of the key gaps and opportunities by sector and country against the base case and Paris-aligned target. 

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Future-proof your strategy

Get an up-to-date transition outlook so your strategy reflects reality. We provide forward looking market sizing analysis by country and technology.

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Right-size your gaps

We provide realistic emissions forecasts, so you understand the gap to achieving your net zero ambitions and your key policy and technology risks.

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Make confident investments

We forecast technology deployment and the financing required to achieve this in your sectors and countries, helping you identify the right opportunities to invest in.

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Protect your balance sheet

We create bespoke short-term climate scenarios that can be embedded into your ICAAP and IFRS9 models, informing your capital requirements and credit provisions.


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