Baringa is proud to have won sixteen awards in the Financial Times’ 2024 list of the UK’s leading management consultants.

FT Award 2024

Reflecting our continued growth as a business, 2024 saw Baringa break through in four new categories, winning awards for the first time for insurance, consumer goods and retail, telecommunications, and organisation and change. Meanwhile we won three more awards compared to the preceding year, and have now been awarded a gold medal for energy, utilities and environment for each of the past five years.

Adrian Bettridge

Baringa’s managing partner Adrian Bettridge said: The accolade is all the more powerful because it is voted on by our clients and our peers, so is a measure of the lasting impact we have made. An FT award means that our strategy to focus on delighting our clients is working, and there is no more satisfying feedback than this.

“It also demonstrates that there is room for management consultancies who do business differently to the rest of the pack, concentrating on putting people first, and prioritising kindness.”

Our awards

Learn about the awards Baringa won and the work we do in these areas:

Consumer Products and Retail

Our awards in this area:

  • Consumer goods and retail (new award)


Learn more about Baringa's work in Consumer Products and Retail 


Energy and Resources

Our awards in this area:

  • Energy, utilities and environment (awarded since 2020)
  • Oil and gas (awarded since 2020)

Learn more about Baringa's work in Energy and Resources

Financial Services

Our awards in this area:

  • Financial institutions and services (awarded since 2020)
  • Financial, risk and compliance (awarded since 2020)
  • Insurance (new award)

Learn more about Baringa's work in Financial Services

Government and Public Sector

Our awards in this area:

  • Public and social sector (awarded since 2022)

Learn more about Baringa's work in Government and Public Sector

Tech, Media and Telecoms

Our awards in this area:

  • IT and technology (awarded since 2020)
  • Telco (new award)

Learn more about Baringa's work in TMT


Our awards in this area:

  • Sustainability (awarded since 2020)
  • Strategy (awarded since 2020)
  • Operation and supply chain (awarded since 2020)
  • IT strategy (awarded since 2022)
  • People and performance (awarded since 2022)
  • Data analytics and big data (awarded since 2021)
  • Organisation and change (new award)

Learn more about Baringa's work across our capabilities

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