Post M&A, our client’s business had become disparate – and desperate for an operational overhaul.

Our client was feeling the aftershocks of a merger and acquisition, in which three disparate parts of the business had come together. The customer contact centre was at the frontline of inefficiencies. Technology was hampering operations and customer experience, instead of creating opportunities. From wrong or lost claim reference details to invoice errors; chaos was rife. Enquiries and complaints flooded in, while a deluge of staff wanted out. With little structure in place, the organisation was crying out for an operational overhaul.

By putting its existing ways of working under the microscope, it was clear a smart Operational Excellence approach was needed. Efficiency, risk, customer experience and employee engagement became our priorities. And, how the contact teams could work cohesively and calmly together. We partnered with the client, coaching staff and leadership as we went along, so they could sustain the improvements when we left.

We ignited cultural and behavioural change and a true ethos of continuous improvement. And the figures speak for themselves: an immediate (in-year) 12% cost reduction, plus a further 15% (minimum) of annualised cost optimisation opportunities over the next five-year period.

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"The Baringa team flexed with our changing needs <…> while still challenging us to retain focus on key objectives, so we did not lose momentum nor diminish the return on our investment. Our trust was well placed and the financial and experiential returns exceeded our expectations."

Head of Change

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