Web 3 has become one of this year’s hottest buzzwords, dominating conversations and promising to transform the financial services industry. With the rapid growth and evolution of Web 3, how prepared are you for the future of finance? Firms that start to consider the impact of Web 3 on their business now, will be best positioned for the opportunities and challenges to come, and avoid being left behind. To fully understand what Web 3 means for the financial services industry, we need to understand the history, technology, and concepts.

In this webinar, Anna Orriss-Baxter and Ewan Smith share:

  • What Web 3 is and why it is exciting, including a brief history
  • The building blocks of Web 3
  • What opportunities Web 3 presents for financial institutions

Watch the webinar recording:

What is Web 3 - and how is it impacting financial services?

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