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31 January 2020 10 min read

Twelve Shifts of Digital: Are you confident you know what Digital means to you?

Ben Morgan

Ben Morgan
Partner | Customer and digital | London

Robert Ward

Robert Ward
Partner | Customer and digital | London

We live in a world where everyone is talking about Digital Transformation. Being clear on your ambition and defining what Digital truly means to you is the critical first step on your transformation journey.

Baringa have created the “Twelve Shifts” to help you decode and precisely define your interpretation of Digital.

Join us over the next twelve weeks as we help you to understand each shift and unlock the value of Digital for your business.

Digital has shattered traditional value chains and forged new connections and business models that cut across industry silos.

It has disrupted customer relationships and journeys, setting new expectations for how we engage customers and meet their needs.

We see organisations being transformed into technology businesses, seeking to differentiate themselves through their platforms and data.

And finally, digital has unleashed a speed of change and volatility that requires a paradigm shift in traditional leadership and management approaches.


Our “Twelve shifts” help you decode and define your level of Digital ambition through twelve discrete shifts that consider your business model and ecosystems, propositions and experiences, platforms and data all combined with the underpinning people and organisational aspects of any transformation.

The scale of ambition cannot be defined in isolation.  It is critical to understand any constraints that you must operate within including whether there are environmental, investment, timeline or regulatory related as well as any leadership boundaries that must be respected.

Today we launch our Twelve Shifts into the market. Join us over the course of the next twelve weeks as we share each of the shifts with you. 

Each week we will introduce a new shift, explain its relevance and provide industry leading examples to bring it to life. 

Please feel free to reach out to our team to find out more and how our Twelve Shifts can underpin your digital strategy or transformation journey.

Robert Ward | Partner | Customer and digital

Ben Morgan | Director | Customer and digital

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