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"I like working with straight-forward people. Be clear about intention and context. If something’s wrong, tell me. If we disagree somewhere, let’s have a conversation. That’s the style of working I like."

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Energy, utilities & resources

Chosen superpower
Who wouldn't want to fly? 

In detail:

David has always aimed high: as a child he dreamt of being an astronaut; today he pilots Baringa’s energy & resources business across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. David is one of the driving forces behind Baringa’s global growth. His and his team’s pioneering work in the UK energy market has generated demand from around the world.

David focuses on the macro question of how the energy transition impacts his clients’ industries. He advises energy companies, investors and governments how to navigate this transition, what to invest in, what the commercial opportunities and risks are, and how to change operationally to thrive in this new world.

Another client he’s constantly scrutinising is Baringa: ensuring that as a company we are doing the right things for our clients, attracting the right talent into the business, building our global capabilities and supporting the personal growth and development of the people he works with.

At home, David loves laughing with his kids, who he teaches not to take themselves too seriously and to be kind to others. He encourages them to be humble when things go well, but not to despair when they don’t.  He’s inspired by Ranulph Fiennes’ utterly mad solo treks and loves the sense of bond and purpose from being part of a thriving team.


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