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Energy markets

Energy markets

New technology will shape the evolving energy sector over the next decade. We offer sophisticated analysis and insight to support decision-making.

We also help investors and developers identify the risks and opportunities and support the development of innovative capital and commercial structures.

Meet members of the team

Phil Grant

Phil Grant

Partner | Energy, utilities and resources

"The revenue models of energy companies are changing from subsidy and stability to merchant and volatile income streams. We help make sense of the new market paradigm, understand the risks and opportunities in the sector and help develop innovative capital and commercial structures."

Vikash Ahuja

Vikash Ahuja

Senior Manager | Energy, utilities and resources

"My team is at the forefront of modelling disruptive changes in the energy sector such as electrification of heat and transport. The questions we answering for our clients with our models are tough but rewarding, and working with amazing people and our culture make the work really enjoyable."

Peter Sherry

Peter Sherry

Director | Energy, utilities and resources

“The clean energy transition is now inevitable, thanks to spectacular technology cost reductions. We help our clients to see through the noise and focus on the market fundamentals that drive new sources of both value and risk.”

Focus on your sector

Market analysis and reports

We have a deep understanding of market fundamentals, system design and policy formation and modelling techniques. Our industry-leading reports analyse global commodity markets and regional wholesale energy, capacity and flexibility markets.

Transaction advisory and due diligence

We support buy and sell processes for equity and debt across the global energy sector. We are highly regarded by financial institutions who appreciate the independence and rigour we bring to our transaction advisory mandates.

Market design

As policy makers promote investment, innovation and consumer protection, we work with government and regulators to shape and implement market structures and design incentives. We also help investors, lenders, generators, suppliers and network operators respond to changing policies and regulations.

Long-term scenarios

It is vital Government and industry understand how our economy can decarbonise and identify the associated implications. Baringa brings its leading-edge analytical capabilities to clients, helping to inform strategic, risk and operational frameworks.