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Awarded gold status in the Energy, Utilities & Environment and Oil & Gas sectors in the Financial Times UK's Leading Management Consultants awards.

Financial Times, 2020

Energy, utilities and resources

The Energy, Utility and Resources markets are experiencing unprecedented change. Our global team of market experts spend their time helping companies, investors, technology providers and policy makers/regulators navigate these market changes by helping them:

  • Determine their correct strategy or investment decision
  • Identify new commercial opportunities and help make the necessary changes to capture them
  • Structure and run more effective businesses to deliver better customer outcomes for lower cost

Our teams combine global market insight, deep industry knowledge and capabilities in strategy, data analytics, process and technology to deliver material results.

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Meet members of the team

David Hatcher

David Hatcher

Senior Partner | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"We are supporting leading energy companies with their strategic decisions, investment choices, new commercial opportunities, and help them structure and run more effective businesses. Our motto “Brighter Together” comes to life every day as we shape a more distributed, decentralised and digitised global energy system."

Natalie Bird

Natalie Bird

Manager | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"Electric vehicles have the potential to blow wide open traditional relationships with customers. Energy suppliers will be facing increasing competition, both from car-makers and from new entrants looking to provide services that can extract value from the EV’s battery whilst it is parked."

Isabel Scott-Skinner

Isabel Scott-Skinner

Director | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"The energy industry is going through a period of significant change and energy companies are learning to adapt to this changing world. There is increased focus on short term trading and monetisation of portfolios of flexible assets. In the near future we will see the rise of the prosumer and electric vehicles becoming a major factor in energy usage."

Tosin Kuforiji

Tosin Kuforiji

Senior Manager | Energy, utilities and resources | London

"UK energy suppliers are grappling with many challenges: reducing cost-to-serve in light of rising wholesale energy prices, changing the nature of the customer relationship with the advent of smart metering, embedded generation and non-energy services; figuring out Digital; and for some, survival."