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Our team of economists, policy and regulatory experts, leading techno-economic modellers and delivery practitioners support clients from policy development to implementation, from regulatory strategies to business case submissions, and from competition cases to expert opinion.

Price regulation

Our experts support companies and regulators in developing the economic arguments and evidence to engage on price reviews and other regulatory negotiations, including advice on regulatory frameworks and the core elements such as cost efficiency, risk and reward, output and incentive design, and uncertainty mechanisms. We help companies understand implication of proposed regulation, including commercial consequences of strategic decisions, helping them to navigate complexity and optimise regulatory strategy. We help regulators evaluate and assess policy options and provide them with the capability and capacity to deliver. Our insight of both company and regulatory decisions makes us the leading advisor for investors seeking insight on the value of the sector.

Market regulation

We understand economic fundamentals and key considerations for the industry and policy makers, and we believe that effective policymaking is achieved through regular interaction between government, regulators and the private sector. Using economic theory and quantitative techniques, we assess the impact of a range ofpolicy options on consumer and market outcomes and formulate recommendations. We develop well-evidenced arguments that help our clients shape the policy debate and engage with policy makers. Our expertise is often sought from both sides of regulatory debates.

Policy and market reform

We are at the heart of some of the biggest programmes of change occurring in the energy sector associated with the transition to low carbon energy systems. We are able to advise on policy development and detailed market design, business cases and impact assessments, policy delivery and technology change. We work for government, regulators and industry bodies on central change programmes, and advise our private sector clients on commercial impacts and business readiness. We have a core team of economists, policy and market design specialists and techno- economic modellers, who work with our wider industry and change specialists to offer a full range of services from policy inception to implementation.

Infrastructure advisory

We support energy infrastructure developers across the development cycle, from early stage needs case assessments and concept design through to financing support, regulatory submissions, and operational readiness. We combine our deep sector knowledge of the policy, economic and commercial drivers for critical infrastructure investment, with a set of capabilities that can support engagement with governments, regulators, industry bodies, banks and financiers. This includes Cost-Benefit Analysis, needs case assessments, revenue projections and sensitivity analysis, regulatory and policy roadmaps, and strategic stakeholder engagement. Our focus is the network infrastructure that will be required to deliver Net Zero in GB, Europe and globally. This includes renewable connections onshore and offshore, strategic network investment, cross-border network expansion (interconnection), complex coordinated networks and new network infrastructure across the energy sector.

Expert advisory

We provide expert opinion on commercial and regulatory disputes in the energy and resources sectors. Our experts excel when a dispute requires deep commercial insight and sector knowledge and have the skills and commercial experience required to act as credible witnesses in front of arbitrators and judges. We have helped to deliver successful outcomes for our clients based on the rigour of our analysis, and our ability to present cogent arguments during hearings.

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