As we move forward to a Low Carbon Future, this webinar focuses on Renewables and REMA: How will market reform impact renewables in GB?

Webinar details: 
Duration: 60 mins
Language: English

A comprehensive Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) was launched by BEIS in 2022, with sweeping options covering the wholesale market, low carbon investment, flexibility, operability and capacity adequacy. 
In this webinar, Baringa's experts discuss their emerging thinking on potential reform and how it will influence the market for renewable generators as we move towards a fully decarbonised power system. The session was hosted by Mark Turner, Partner, Energy & Resources, alongside Vikash Ahuja and Tom Baldwin, GB power market experts.
Our experts discuss the following:
•    Why is there a need for market reform?
•    Which options and packages of options do participants need to be aware of?
•    What are the key risks and opportunities of the potential reforms?

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