As we move forward to a Low Carbon Future, this webinar focuses on European power markets: The 2023-2030 legacy of the invasion of Ukraine

Webinar details: 
Duration: 60 mins
Language: English

Baringa’s European power market experts discuss the major changes to their outlook for 2030, relative to their 2021 forecast. They identify the longer-term implications of the Ukraine conflict for consumers, developers and investors.

Topics discussed:

  • How long are wholesale prices expected to remain elevated?
  • What explains the significant differences between countries in the price outlook?
  • How has the energy mix changed across different markets and are newly upgraded renewable targets likely to be met?
  • Where does an accelerated transition create the most opportunity for investors and developers?
  • What is the impact of Ukraine’s invasion on Europe’s emissions trajectory? 
  • Is Net Zero still on course?

Watch the webinar playback here:

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