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"We’re at a critical time for the water sector, with a compelling need to invest in our future, to address environmental concerns, improve resilience around water scarcity, and deliver on net zero commitments. These drivers are balanced by the need to keep bills affordable for customers, meaning the sector must adapt to operate in more innovative and efficient ways."

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We need water to live. It’s this fundamental necessity - the fact it matters so much - that drives Matt to help water industry clients to improve the way they work. His passion for solving problems started when he studied chemical engineering; he loved the project-based work – the times where he was put on a team and tasked to come back with a solution. So, it’s not surprising that he chose consulting as his career path, especially in a sector that’s so vital to people and society. 

Matt wears two hats in Baringa: as the lead partner for our work in the water sector and as our people lead. In his water sector role, Matt helps water companies improve their operations to deliver better service for their customer. He works with the sector to make it more sustainable and ready to tackle some of its biggest challenges, like climate change and water scarcity. His favourite part of the job is seeing the concrete impact he and his team can have, like improving the time it takes to repair someone’s water supply, or helping companies be more efficient so water bills don’t increase. 

As the Baringa people lead, Matt spends his time listening, finding out what’s working for our teams and what could work better. He’s always gathering ideas and then turning them into reality to make Baringa an even more enjoyable place to work. His proudest moments include seeing Baringa consistently achieve high rankings in the Great Place to Work awards, including awards for Wellbeing and Great Place to Work for Women. 

When he is not chauffeuring his three children around to birthday parties, Matt enjoys a leisurely weekend run and hosting barbecues for his Greek-Cypriot family. He also likes viewing the world through a lens, photographing cityscapes and architecture, looking for the next great picture to share with the Baringa Photography Group.


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