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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our business strategy. Our Baringa Balance programme aims to:

  • Challenge our strategy, recruitment, policies and processes to support diverse and inclusive practices
  • Be the link across our D&I networks which include; Gender diversity, Ethnic diversity, Interfaith and Embrace (LGBTQ+)
  • Drive the ‘work-life balance’ agenda to ensure we support our people through all stage of their lives – as parents or caregivers, through changing life circumstances and in breaking down stigmas towards gender, sexual orientation, race, mental health, religion and other stereotypes


Meet members of the team

Sacha Paneda (Alumni)

Sacha Paneda (Alumni)

Consultant | Embrace network lead | London

"As 62% of other Generation Y graduates (HRC study, 2014) I went back into the closet when I first started working. It wasn’t until I met other LGBT+ employees that I was confident in being out and thus decided to make it my own personal mission that Baringa had a visible, vibrant LGBT+ community. I will consider the network a success if it brings down that statistic even if it’s just by 1% and we will need your help in making it happen, so get in touch!"

Mula Mwense

Mula Mwense

Senior Manager | Ethnic diversity network lead | London

"My motivations for leading the Ethnic Diversity Network (EDN) are that I strongly believe that diversity leads to better economic performance and a richer company culture. The EDN is important in helping to achieve these goals through leading the effort to better understand issues from a diversity standpoint and helping to break down barriers."


Hayley Speller

Hayley Speller

Senior Manager | Gender Diversity network lead | London

"The Gender Diversity Network was established on International Women's Day 2018. The network has already influenced, disrupted our thoughts and actions, rotated our vision to a holistic, diverse and inclusive future, and started an important conversation of equality. We are really excited about where we will be guided to next on our journey – we hope you join us."

Yusuf Ahmet

Yusuf Ahmet

Senior Manager | Interfaith working group lead | London

"My motivation for instigating this initiative was to ensure that our people of faith feel as though they can bring their full selves to work and are included within the firm. In addition, I feel that this working group will help deepen our client relationships, as empathising and relating to others is fundamental to our business and the hallmark of what it means to be a good consultant."

Baringa Balance networks and our partners

Gender diversity network and Opportunity Now

We are committed to accelerating change for women in the workplace because it benefits our business and society. Opportunity Now works with us to offer tailored and pragmatic advice to maximise women’s potential.

Ethnic diversity network and Race for Opportunity

We are dedicated to hiring, promoting and retaining talented people from all ethnic backgrounds. We have partnered with the Race for Opportunity campaign as part of our commitment to improving employment opportunities for ethnic minorities.

Interfaith working group

Faith is particularly important to the lives of millions of people. Understanding and appreciating the importance of faith is vital to ensuring we are truly inclusive. We ensure we have a faith-friendly workplace through educating our business on the diversity and richness of faith communities, providing a safe place for discussion of faith related questions and providing core facilities for people to practice their faith.