As we strive to become a more inclusive and equal workplace, we are delighted to share our 2023 UK Ethnicity Pay Gap and Gender Pay Gap reports. As you’ll see these reports tell a positive story, that we are moving in the right direction, showcasing how we're Putting People First and Creating Impact that Lasts. But it's worth remembering that reducing our pay gaps takes consistent effort and commitment, and ultimately time. 

 We started reporting our Gender Gay Gap in 2017 as part of the UK government mandate, and in 2021, began electively sharing our Ethnicity Pay Gap Report by individual ethnic lenses and total ethnic diversity. Because of this, our GPG reporting is a little more mature, where we are at the point that we are seeing the positive impacts of our efforts. With our EPG, we are still in the early days, and whilst we have made some progress and have implemented some fantastic initiatives and interventions, we know we've got more work (and time) before we start seeing the year-on-year positive trends as we are with our GPG. This is something we are absolutely committed to. 

Our Gender Pay Gap continues to trend positively, with significant reductions year on year. The Ethnicity Pay Gap is a bit more nuanced and shows we still have work to do. We only started publishing these reports three years ago and we are still early on in our journey.  

To be fully transparent and identify differences, we continue to review the EPG by 4 lenses: Black, Asian, other ethnically diverse pay gaps, and one collective total ethnically diverse pay gap. Our 2023 Ethnicity Pay Gap results show us blended results: 

  • The Black pay gap has increased slightly, this lens is a priority area for us 
  • Our other ethnic diversity pay gap (this includes colleagues from mixed heritage backgrounds, Hispanic/Latin, Arab etc.) has increased slightly however is not a concern 
  • Our Asian pay gap has reduced and remains in a healthy place 
  • Our total ethnic diversity pay gap has a very small decrease in mean pay gap but slight increase in median pay gap. This is due to the changes in the composition of the workforce and is not currently a priority - we expect some shifts in the metric as we increase representation 

Our focus remains in recruiting diverse talent at junior levels, and developing those colleagues through to senior leadership - this is, of course, a long-term commitment. But one that will continue to reduce our pay gaps, as our junior levels of female and ethnically diverse talent grow. We remain absolutely committed to providing our people with equitable opportunities and the necessary tools to succeed, and we continue to make meaningful progress as we Put People First and Create Impact that Lasts. 

UK Gender and Ethnicity Pay Gap Report

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