Workplace subculture has long been ingrained with a ‘code’ of normality.  

This code consists of unwritten rules and beliefs that establish a rhetoric of how, or how not to behave to fit in. Written to serve certain majority or powerful groups, this code therefore rests on an assumed homogeneity that does not exist. 

Some therefore find themselves situated farther from the code, needing to change parts of themselves to greater degrees than others to assimilate. Here they face a double bind; sacrifice authenticity or diverge from the code. And where non-conformity and embracing authenticity carries social and reputational risk, the decision is complex. 

This series of personal journey articles showcases stories of our wonderful Baringa employees. They share their experience of the ‘code’ at Baringa, throughout their career, and as individuals. 

Through these personal narratives, the series aims to unravel Baringa's code, exploring its impact on our people and seeking opportunities for its redefinition. 

Our objective is to instigate social and organisational change within Baringa and beyond, fostering an environment where our people feel liberated to bring their genuine and best selves to work. 

We trust that these stories will provide insights, wisdom, and empathy. They are intended to demonstrate that authenticity is an act of courage, beauty, and, fundamentally, a necessity in the workplace. 

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