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Capital markets

Capital markets

The capital markets ecosystem is evolving rapidly. Financial institutions seek growth opportunities through new products, attracting new clients and deepening client relationships.

However, regulatory and structural changes, optimising capital usage and improving cost efficiency remain constant challenges to balance with clients, the economy and society.

Meet members of the team

Cindra Maharaj

Cindra Maharaj

Partner, FS US and Treasury Lead, US

"Within the financial services landscape, firms are increasing their focus on growing their businesses while simultaneously continuing to streamline their efforts to protect their businesses from the existing and new risks.  I am excited about bringing innovative advisory solutions and new technologies to help firms manage this ‘new normal'."

Nicola Carter

Nicola Carter

Partner, Bookings Model and Controls Lead

Focus on your sector

The future of capital markets

Our greatest strength lies in our ability to build powerful partnerships with clients. As a combined team with a diverse skillset, we can solve the biggest challenges faced by banks, market utilities and regulators. We are passionate about organisations being fit and ready for the future.

Revenue generation

We help clients generate revenue by combining our understanding of Sales and Trading with a depth of knowledge on liquidity, funding, pricing and data analytics.

Innovation = data + digital + AI

The value of innovation should be measured by the difference it makes to your business. We connect our clients with innovators across the market to solve real-life problems. We will ensure investments in AI and innovation are of value to the business.

Managing risk

Our consultants collaborate with clients to identify and mitigate the Conduct, Financial, Operational, Technical and Delivery risks which inherently come with operating in financial markets.

People are the foundation

We believe an organisation is only as good as its people. Therefore, we focus on developing your teams alongside delivering our projects and programmes. We care about our impact and want to build a legacy of capabilities which are valuable long after we leave.

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