How do we train a global team when travel is impossible?

A global investment bank approached us to develop a training programme for a team of 600 employees based across 43 countries. In response to regulatory requirements, they’d built the team rapidly and were concerned that there were gaps in knowledge and expertise across departments and regions. This meant that risks that might damage the bank were being missed. Could we upskill their team and reduce their rogue trading and financial crime risks?

We used technology to deliver an innovative virtual training programme

Working with Global Chief Control Officers and the Heads of Learning and Development we drew up an in-person, classroom-based training programme. Then the pandemic struck. We redesigned the training into a programme that could be delivered virtually. We harnessed new technologies and used them in creative ways, including gamification, to create an engaging training course. We recruited internal sponsors within the bank to promote the project internally. Then we kicked off the programme, training all 600 employees in eight weeks and built resources for teams to refer to after they’d finished the course. 

In the face of the challenging pandemic environment, we were agile and flexible. We brought a nimble, senior Baringa team on board to deliver the project and had twice weekly calls with the client to iterate on the training programme, gathering feedback from participants after every session. We ran the courses across multiple time zones and took great care to keep the sessions interactive and creative, considering different cultures and levels of experience. We understood the opportunities the technology we were using presented and delivered a training course that achieved fantastic client satisfaction results. 

An upskilled and well-resourced team with innovative training approaches to adopt

We’ve helped the client to reduce their risk, increase control of their processes, and equipped their team with the tools and knowledge to spot threats and discover root causes. Our iterative approach to building and running a training programme has been adopted by the bank’s learning and development department for their internal courses. 

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