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Vielfalt & Inklusion

Als fortschrittlicher Arbeitgeber setzen wir uns für eine inklusive Unternehmenskultur ein. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass sich unsere Mitarbeiter in einem Umfeld wohlfühlen, das die Vielfalt unserer Gesellschaft reflektiert.

Vielfalt und Inklusion sind Kern unseres Geschäftsmodells. Unser Baringa Balance Programm möchte:

  • Unsere Strategie, unsere Rekrutierung sowie unsere Richtlinien und Prozesse dazu bringen, Vielfalt und Inklusion zu unterstützen
  • Das Bindeglied zwischen all unseren Diversity & Inclusion-Netzwerken sein, darunter „Geschlechtervielfalt“, „Ethnische Vielfalt“ und das LGBTQ-Netzwerk „Embrace“
  • Unsere Work-Life-Balance unterstützen und sicherstellen, dass wir unsere Mitarbeiter in allen Lebensphasen begleiten – als Eltern oder Führungskräfte, indem wir Lebensumstände verändern und Vorurteile gegenüber Geschlecht, sexueller Orientierung, Herkunft, psychischer Gesundheit, Religion oder anderen Stereotypen abbauen.



Jamie Lewis

Jamie Lewis

Manager | Embrace Network Lead | London

„Embrace helps to promote Baringa as a place where our LGBT+ employees can be themselves, free from discrimination, whomever they may be.​ Since 2015, the network has provided support to our LGBT+ employees and allies. Embrace also operates in an advisory capacity to all other teams within Baringa, ensuring that our firm’s policies and processes are in line with the interests and aspirations of our LGBT+ employees. The best part is bringing everyone together at least once a year for Pride or another LGBT+ event (rainbow kit is definitely mandatory!)"

Adedotun Adesina

Adedotun Adesina

Senior Consultant | Ethnic Diversity Network Lead | London

„The Ethnic Diversity Network (EDN) is committed to advising the business when assessing the racial climate in our workplace, promoting inclusivity and celebrating our cultural diversity. We aim to build a business that attracts diverse talent, provides a consistent work experience and equitable opportunities for career progression. Our belief is that Diversity truly leads to a richer company culture, innovation and industry leading performance."

Chloe Speller

Chloe Speller

Manager | Gender Diversity Network Lead | London

„The Gender Diversity Network was established on International Women's Day 2018. The network has already influenced, disrupted our thoughts and actions, rotated our vision to a holistic, diverse and inclusive future, and started an important conversation of equality. We are really excited about where we will be guided to next on our journey – we hope you join us."

Yusuf Ahmet

Yusuf Ahmet

Manager - Interfaith working group lead

„My motivation for instigating this initiative was to ensure that our people of faith feel as though they can bring their full selves to work and are included within the firm. In addition, I feel that this working group will help deepen our client relationships, as empathising and relating to others is fundamental to our business and the hallmark of what it means to be a good consultant."

Erika Melen

Erika Melen

Senior Manager | Industry to Consulting Lead | London

„At Baringa, part of our USP is ensuring we employ a combination of people from both consulting and industry backgrounds. The Industry to Consulting community held its first meeting in January 2018 and now has over 130 members across the company. Our aim is to ensure that people joining from industry feel included and valued, gain core consulting skills as quickly as possible and are fully able to leverage & share their strengths with the wider organisation."

Dan Lane

Dan Lane

Senior Manager | Neurodiversity Network Lead | London

„I’m excited about initiating the Baringa Neurodiversity Network in 2020, motivated by my own experience living and working with ADHD. It is estimated that around 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent, meaning that the brain functions, learns and processes information differently to societal expectations. Neurodiversity includes Autism Spectrum Conditions, Attention Deficit Disorders, Dyslexia, and other neuro-developmental differences. Our vision is to help neurodivergent colleagues to bring their whole authentic self to work, and begin to harness untapped potential in individuals and teams.”

Baringa Balance networks and our partners

Embrace network and Stonewall

Wir sind Teil des Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Programms, das sicherstellt, dass alle homosexuellen Mitarbeiter am Arbeitsplatz akzeptiert werden – ohne Ausnahme.

Gender diversity network and Opportunity Now

Es liegt uns am Herzen, den Wandel am Arbeitsplatz für Frauen voranzutreiben, denn er kommt sowohl dem Business als auch der Gesellschaft zugute. Opportunity Now unterstützt uns dabei, maßgeschneiderte und pragmatische Lösungen anzubieten, die das Potenzial von Frauen heben.

Ethnic diversity network and Race for Opportunity

Wir stellen Talente aller Ethnien ein, fördern sie und halten sie bei Baringa. Wir haben mit der Kampagne „Race for Opportunity“ kooperiert und sehen dies als Teil unserer Bemühungen, Einstellungschancen für ethnische Minderheiten zu verbessern.

Interfaith working group

Faith is particularly important to the lives of millions of people. Understanding and appreciating the importance of faith is vital to ensuring we are truly inclusive. We ensure we have a faith-friendly workplace through educating our business on the diversity and richness of faith communities, providing a safe place for discussion of faith related questions and providing core facilities for people to practice their faith.