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07 August 2019 5 min read

Baringa Partners supports InterGen implement a new Energy Trading and Risk Management System

Brynne Parker

Brynne Parker
Partner, expert in energy and commodity trading

Baringa Partners has supported global power generation and development company, InterGen, with the successful implementation of their new Energy Trading and Risk Management System to allow it to trade the power it generates in the UK Market and to manage its gas and carbon positions.

We are hugely proud to confirm that we have successfully supported the go-live of the Contigo Entrader ETRM system for InterGen’s UK Power, Gas and Emissions portfolio. This has been the culmination of a programme that started with Baringa working with InterGen to run a competitive process to select the best-fit ETRM system in the market across a number of key criteria including functionality and total cost of ownership.

Following the system selection, a joint InterGen, Baringa and Contigo team designed a new business trading model that would allow InterGen to use the new ETRM system to better manage and track the performance of their generation asset portfolio, commodity hedging and risk management activities in the UK markets. The team worked together to design, implement and test the solution, which culminated in a successful go-live on Saturday 29th June 2019.

The programme included replacing a number of legacy trading and nomination systems and migrating InterGen’s trade position from their legacy ETRM solution. It also included the selection, implementation and integration to KYOS – a market leading system that enables InterGen to perform better asset optimisation and gross margin at risk metrics.

InterGen is a global power generation firm with six power plants in operation, representing a total generation capacity of 4,630 megawatts (3,337 net equity MW). These facilities are located in the United Kingdom and Australia.

The Baringa team was led by Brynne Parker, Partner, Energy & Resources with Mathew Heywood, Mulaisho Mwense and Joanna Alexander, working closely with InterGen’s leadership and project team.

Lisa Mackay, Commercial & Trading Director at InterGen UK said, “The go live of our replacement ETRM after 10 months to design, develop and test the solution is a great success for InterGen. The InterGen team could not have succeeded without the support of Baringa throughout the selection and implementation process. Contigo Entrader offers InterGen enhanced reporting, governance and much improved user experience. I personally would like to thank Baringa for their seamless integration with the InterGen team and working tirelessly to deliver the solution on time and budget.”

Brynne Parker, Partner, Baringa Energy & Resources said, "We are proud to have been a key part of the successful go-live of the Contigo Entrader ETRM system at InterGen. Our team has had the opportunity to support the entire project from initial selection, strategy and business case design through to the hands-on delivery of the integrated trading systems landscape. We have really enjoyed working closely with the InterGen team and acting as a key advisor in this process.” 

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