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The UK Government now faces some of its greatest challenges to date, including coronavirus, the end of the EU Exit Transition period, and delivering Net Zero. Government will need to balance its response to each of these, in an environment of increasing pressure to deliver improved services at a lower cost, address the backlog of projects on hold due to these major disruptors, and successfully predict and manage the political and societal changes aspects such as leaving the EU will bring.

Baringa supports government departments, agencies, and other public bodies to take advantage of new technologies, innovative commercial structures, and more efficient organisation models to drive change when spending remains tightly controlled. We implement process automation, pilot Artificial Intelligence solutions, support suppliers to deliver services, and untangle complex legacy IT systems to become even more citizen-centric."

Meet members of the team

Sarah Ashley

Sarah Ashley

Partner | Government and public sector | London

“Government tackles the largest and most complex problems we have as a nation. There are no easy answers. Our combination of hands-on pragmatic delivery and our ability to leverage industry best-practices, coupled with a passion for the public sector means we make a difference whilst building sustainable capability in your teams.”

Robin Cooper

Robin Cooper

Director | Government and public sector | London

“The UK Government is undergoing unprecedented challenges: navigating the UK’s successful departure from the EU, addressing our pressing societal challenges, maintaining and improving delivery of core services…all against a backdrop of economic fragility and increasing global uncertainty.”

Harry Allport

Harry Allport

Manager | Government and public sector | London

"Government is at the heart of some of our country’s most complex challenges, but its reach gives it the opportunity to make a real difference when setting new policies or delivering front-line services. Supporting Government allows us to help achieve better outcomes for both taxpayers and wider society, which makes it a great time to be working across the public sector."

Isabella Weyman

Isabella Weyman

Manager | Government and public sector | London

“Now, perhaps more than ever, we are seeing how critical the role of an effective government and civil service is in preventing, managing, mitigating and resolving some of the world’s most complex problems. I am personally motivated by facilitating agile and innovative problem solving, keeping customers (the public and front line users) at the centre of this. As public discourse on social justice continues to gain momentum, we should all be challenged to find solutions that are compassionate and fair. Crucially, Baringa help our clients to do this whilst also building sustainable capability to better prepare them for the next unprecedented challenge."

Focus on your sector


We bring government commercial expertise to support across the commercial lifecycle. We advise on complex transactions, drive value for money, and work alongside suppliers to ensure services deliver effectively and efficiently.

Change Management and Major Transformation

We support our clients to scope, manage, and lead major transformations. The Government is facing an unprecedented level of change and we support our clients to meet the rapid evolution this demands.

Data and Automation

We help clients take advantage of the opportunities presented by their data to drive business outcomes. We bring together all the capabilities required to organise and control data, present information clearly, uncover actionable insights, and automate decision making. Our offerings span from articulating data strategy and managing trusted data to embedding insight and AI solutions into clients’ organisations.

Operating Models

We support clients move from traditional silo'd operating models to more agile models that support delivery at pace; aligning people, processes, technology, and governance to drive a user-centric service.

Net Zero

The Government's commitment to meet Net Zero emissions by 2050 represents one of their biggest challenges to date, requiring collaboration across all aspects of Whitehall and wider government. We support clients to identify what this means for them and the steps they need to implement to play their part.