Our client, a major government department, runs a large technology estate underpinning its daily operations and forming part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. Sections of this technology platform were running on dated technology - up to 30 years old in some cases. Contract dates for three large IT services were nearing their end and couldn’t be legally extended. The department was looking to modernise its technology, data & analytics supply chain, make its tenders more competitive, achieve better value for money, and build a more stable, secure and future-proofed technology stack. But with citizens relying on these systems every day, downtime between contracts was not an option.

We rapidly recruited new suppliers and negotiated smarter contracts

We were briefed by the client to run the commercial side of the programme. Sticking to strict public procurement regulations we conducted a rapid survey of the market. Focused on driving value for money, we interviewed potential new suppliers, and challenged incumbents on costs, capacity and service levels. Where only one supplier was available due to the specialised nature of the work, we negotiated optimal contract outcomes for the department covering scope, quality and cost. We also ran rapid procurement events to bring our client colleagues on a journey of fast-paced, effective commercial operations and due diligence.

Beyond renewing our client’s supplier base, we put the right people and skills in place for the team to manage its new technology estate. We designed and ran a Commercial Academy, training teams in person across the UK to build technical and commercial skills and market knowledge. We ran over 200 one-on-one leadership coaching sessions for managers and refreshed the department’s operating model – defining and clarifying roles and responsibilities and instilling collaborative working practices. With our experience of running emergency government procurement during the pandemic we dramatically cut traditional timelines to deliver this programme to a tight deadline, without sacrificing compliance.

Empowered and engaged teams ready to take on tech procurement in future

We secured new suppliers for the department’s critical technology and data contracts and, crucially, avoided any system downtime. With a new broader supplier base we’ve reduced our client’s risk and reliance on a handful of suppliers. With our training and coaching programme, we’ve empowered them to become a better purchaser of technology services and given teams the skills to manage suppliers. Employee engagement is up 30%. With the project now complete, we’ve left the department with a springboard from which they can modernise other sections of their technology platform, and the capacity, capability and culture to do so without relying on external consultants.

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