For seven years until March 2023, Mike Lewis was the CEO of energy firm E.ON. During this time he has had to face many difficult challenges that have tested his ability to be kind. In this conversation, Mike shares his experiences, what kindness means to him, and how being kind helped him navigate the most unprecedented challenge of recent history.

The Economics of Kindness

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  • What is being a kind leader?
  • Can leaders make tough decisions and be kind?
  • Are energy firms kind or cruel?
  • Can leaders be kind to all stakeholders?

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Ellen Fraser

Ellen Fraser leads Baringa’s global Energy Retail, Networks and Water practice and has the responsibility for Baringa’s portfolios in the UK, Europe and Australia. She’s sat in boardrooms with the CEOs of every major UK energy supplier, and even informed policy with energy regulator Ofgem. She’s a familiar face commenting on the BBC, and quoted everywhere from the Financial Times to The Guardian.

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