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Pharmaceuticals and lifesciences

Delivering tailored pragmatic business outcomes

  • Translating science into products or services which deliver benefit to society drives how we operate.
  • Enhancing business outcomes, reducing complexity and optimising quality is embedded in our thinking.
  • We genuinely partner with our clients, understand their issues and work together to deliver bespoke and innovative solutions that are sustainable long after we have left.
  • Our team are curious and have courage, they demystify the opportunities that new technologies can bring and develop pragmatic solutions.

Meet members of the team

Chris Maxted

Chris Maxted

Partner, pharmaceutical and life sciences

Chris brings over 15 years consulting experience in helping his clients to structure and run more effective businesses.

Louise Evans

Louise Evans

Manager | Pharmaceuticals and lifesciences | London

Louise is passionate about understanding her client’s vision and ambition.

Focus on your sector

Regulation and Compliance

Complex, changing and ever increasing regulation poses a challenge around compliance, safety and data integrity. We help our clients remain nimble to these changing requirements.

Market Access Pressures

Stretched healthcare budgets are increasing the scrutiny of payers, whilst diverse clinical evidence for reimbursement and pricing add hurdles beyond the needs of the regulators. Governments, Payers & Industry are beginning to interact in new ways and we are helping clients navigate the huge transition that is in motion.

Patient Centricity

Patients are taking ownership of their health and wellbeing like never before. They want to be at the centre of their own digital health eco system. We help organisations implement patient centric solutions across the value chain and build successful business models.

Return on Investment

Pressure on budgets, increasing cost to develop and commercialise and a need to create innovation in the pipeline sharpens focus on the portfolio. Our leading-edge analytical & artificial intelligence capabilities deliver data driven insight to inform decision making across the value chain.

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