Why did our client need to address how they manage R&D collaborations? 

A global top 10 biopharmaceutical organisation required our support to design and implement an enterprise-wide and end-to-end operating framework for how they manage R&D collaborations, as their ambition to accelerate the delivery of medicines and vaccines through strategic R&D collaborations highlighted the gaps in their existing framework.  

The diverse portfolio of collaborations, ranging from global pharma-to-pharma strategic alliances, to academic collaborations, to complex consortia arrangements with 30+ partners, necessitated the design of consistent yet flexible processes and ways of working to support their entire collaboration lifecycle. 

How did we navigate the design & implementation of the partnering framework with our client? 

We engaged with senior leaders and 100+ cross-functional experts across all R&D functions & therapy areas. Working closely with these stakeholders, we designed and built flexible processes across the R&D collaboration lifecycle. 

Through design workshops, we leveraged the collective experience of cross-functional teams to help ensure relevance and effectiveness across diverse collaboration scenarios to develop:  

  • A tool to help teams clearly determine the type of collaboration they are supporting and understand which processes they need to follow; 
  • A tool that enables teams to assess and mitigate inherent risks in collaborations from the outset; 
  • A playbook offering end-to-end guidance on crucial aspects of R&D collaborations, including due diligence, contracting, and oversight of clinical research; and 
  • A set of recommendations relating to the wider operating model changes that were required to fully enable this framework to flourish 

We piloted these tools with 10 different active collaboration teams to help ensure their efficacy and relevance across diverse collaboration scenarios before its organisation-wide deployment. This iterative process allowed us to refine and tailor the tools to address the specific needs and challenges encountered in real-world collaboration scenarios. 

By bringing together cross-functional teams and involving them in the design of these processes, we were able to work hand-in-hand with teams to create processes and ways of working that directly address their challenges when working in collaborations. This inclusive approach not only empowered the teams but also ensured that the resulting tools were tailored to the specific needs of the organisation, ultimately fostering a culture of innovation and excellence within their collaborations. 

Find out more about our work supporting powerful pharma partnerships, or get in touch with our Josh Elliott to discuss how we can help you. 

"This initiative has made a significant impact on how we manage R&D collaborations. As a result, I’m confident we’ll be much better able to proactively manage collaboration-related risks."

Head of Clinical Development

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